How do I set up a new email address with BT?

Let’s learn how do I set up a new email address with BT. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i set up a bt email address?

i need to set up an email address for my mum how do i do it


If you are the main account holder for BT go to your account and then create a sub account for your...

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If you select Tools, Accounts, it gives you the ability to create a new e-mail account. All you need...

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go onto google, type in btinternet then click on email etc make sure you put

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How do i set up a second email address?

My partner wants his own email address on my computer but when i try to enter his details in "switch user account" its trying to dial a connection and i have "always on bt broadband" so it should automatically connect. Can he set...


If you are on BT Broadband your computer should not be dialing any connection no matter what your doing...

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Moving abroad? What will happen to my email address?

Have a email address. What will happen when I cancel bt products due to move abroad? Can I still access my emails or how do I set up a new address with yahoo to use when abroad? Wont have bt as a service provider.


you'll lose your ISP provided e-mail address... if you want to set up a yahoo mail account go to mail...

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I want to use Microsoft outlook for email as well as my Bt yahoo mail?

How can I set up Microsoft Outlook on my system to work along side my BT Yahoo internet setup....My email address is and I think this goes in the POP Line and the SMTP line but i cant get it to work...what am I doing wrong or is it not...


Try in the smpt and pop3 lines. for your incoming mail server part in hte first...

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Has my email address changed?

I have just got BT broadband today i have tried to read my email the computer man set MSN as my home page when i tried to log in to email the Email address and passwords he provided did not work so i set up a Email account on that home page i have virified...


MSN Password Recovery 5.0 is the best Messenger password recovery tool that instantly recovers and decrypts...

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How to set up windows live email address on windows live mail?

I am trying to set up a email address on windows live mail. I have got this set up on my laptop which is running Windows XP. I cannot get the same email address to work on the desktop which is running Windows Vista. I have copied the...


To set up a POP3 configuration for one account on two computers, you need to remember to select the...

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How can I set up a proxy email address?

I want to set up two email addresses. One that I will sign into (primary address) and one that will route emails (proxy address) to my primary address. So, people would email my proxy, which would then forward the email to my primary, keeping my primary...


I have some good proxy email address which is the best for using. Look at here bellow.

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How can I set up my personal email address on my Blackberry Curve?

I got a new Blackberry Curve (AT&T) and it has the option to set up email if I have a work email address--asks for the password or security code for the email account--but no option for my personal email address. I only have a personal email address...


Go to email settings. Than to "add an email account"

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