How do I set up a web site for my non profit organization?

Let’s learn how do I set up a web site for my non profit organization. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I have a legal non profit organization complete with an EIN, and I need to set up a web site for our organizat?

NOW, how do I proceed with the web site? I can supply our EIN to anyone who asks or a copy of our bylaws. I have six other board members besides myself, and our affairs are and will more


An EIN has nothing to do with it. Until you have IRS tax-exempt status, you do not have a nonprofit...

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How can I start a non-profit to provide street outreach to homeless persons in southern Maine?

Advice on non-profit corporation forming, ideas on additional services to provide, marketing tips, and first-hand homeless experience, would all be helpful! Current Plan: 1. Open a PO Box with personal funds. 2. Open a new prepaid phone line such as...


I tried something similar w/ a Client in So. AZ. There is a group of volunteer lawyers that help non...

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Looking for a web site for a group called customs golf, non profit golfing organization?

this group is based in the Portland, Oregon, Vancouver Washington area


I did a search in Washington State for all corps that had the word GOLF in it and non, for profit or...

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Tumblr is a blogging website where art, literature, music and more is shared throughout the site!

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Do you need to set up a non profit organization to raise money?

If i were to fundraise money to send school supplies to india, would i have to set up a non-profit organization??? I would fundraise money by selling t-shirts and collecting school more


Only if you don't want that money taxed.

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Can a non-profit organization be set-up for the benefit of 1 handicapped person?

I am just curious as to whether a non-profit organization can be set-up to help my handicapped friend survive with donations from others. Also, does anyone have suggestions for me on more


No, a nonprofit cannot be set up to benefit just one person. BUT, you can set up a trust fund for your...

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I doubt it.

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Getting a Web Site for our Non-Profit Agency?

We are tyring to get a Web Site going for our non-profit agency in New York that serves senior citizens with social services and such. We do not know where to start and don't have a more


I offer 50% off on design services for non-profits. I know it's hard to get a deal anywhere (I work...

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How do you set up a non-profit organization in Mexico City?

A friend and myself have a really good idea about a setting up a non profit organization within Mexico City. We both believe in it very much and would give up our day jobs to make it work. After writing what we intend to do, what is the next step?


Si deseas formar una ONG (Organizacion No Gubernamental) deberas inscribirla como asociacion civil o...

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How do I go about starting a Non Profit Organization and set it up to accept donations?

I have an idea for a non profit organization but it would have to be ran on donations so how would I go about setting one up? I have a really good idea to help others with a problem I more


you can get a website rocking and use paypal to accept donations

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