How do I set up my Yahoo mailbox on a new computer?

Let’s learn how do I set up my Yahoo mailbox on a new computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Please close my beta mailbox on 8/21/06 and save everything until I set up my new

Beta Mail needs to be closed on 8/21/06 and my mail saved and my folders so it will be here when my new computer comes next week. I am sure people go on vacations and need to close off their mailboxes somehow, please save my things here. Marilyn Harrison/Palelady3


You don't need to close your mailbox, everything will still be there when you get back. Yahoo! Mail...

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How do I set Yahoo! Mail as my default E-Mail client! (LONG)!!!?

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium using Messenger version 9, although I have tried installing previous versions of 8.X from and those versions are also giving me the same trouble)! But let's stick to 9 as that is the version I'm...


Sorry Scott, I can't help you-----BUT-----I did want to thank you for this posting. It's full of information...

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How can I stop automatic login to my Yahoo mail account when I open Yahoo on this computer?

Somewhere I set an automatic login to a Yahoo account that I do not want anyone to see on this computer. When I open Yahoo it goes directly to my Yahoo mailbox without asking for a password.


First, sign out. Then, when you sign back in, UNCLICK the "Remember me on this computer" box...

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How to set chat in my yahoo mail box?

i can't see any chatting options in my yahoo mail, but my friend use his account in my computer we can see chat tools in his mail and can chat. How to set chat in my yahoo mailbox?


See the smiley face next to your user name at the top of the mail page. Click it – then click...

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My brother and i use the same computer, he downloaded yahoo messenger with his id,awhile back how do i set up?

a different yahoo messenger, using my photo, yahoo ids etc>My brother and my uncle both use the same pc,i used my uncles username and password to his optusnet isp, i set up an account with yahoo for yahoo chat my seperate id , photo etc , after verification...


This question has Expired. I encourage you to pick the first answer unless it isn't what your looking...

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Can I set up 2 Yahoo IDs on one computer? (i have one set up for me but I can't set one up for my husband?

When I try to set up an ID for my husband, I get error saying my settings are not accepting cookies. They are, I've checked. I have computer set to "accept all" and I have added yahoo. com as an allowable website.


you need to erase all the cookies (which is really easy if your using mozilla firefox) but you can also...

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How do I set up computer to send file items through Yahoo Mail?

I'm an old guy with an old computer and limited computer skills. My computer was set up by a skilled person. Original email was Outlook Express. About 2 years ago I changed my email to Yahoo Mail. When I try to send an picture or document from my files...


I'm an oldie too, but learned from others - Yahoo Answers is a great place for that. (When you find...

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Why has my mailbox page expired and cannot be opened? Is this the result of a computer virus?

I opened my mailbox and replied to a legitimate e-mail. Hen I moved on to the next entry there was a very long letter that looked like a sales pitch, so I deleted it. I could not move on in my inbox after that, so I exited and then started over by entering...


Try replacing your bookmark with "" It's likely you bookmarked a transient page...

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How do I set up a new mailbox on Yahoo?

I am being told by AT&T that when I give up Internet Service (moving out of area) I will lose my email address (extension How do I set up a mailbox if I am already on Yahoo under I'd like to do so and get...


Here are a few email providers that I think are worth having.

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How do I get the Yahoo toolbar I set up on ANY computer that I log into?

I took "hours" to set up my Yahoo Toolbar exactly the way I wanted it; although I was personally logged into Yahoo, I was on MY FRIEND'S desktop. When I logged back into Yahoo from MY desktop, I didn't have any of my Toolbar settings? What...


Those settings are only good for the computer you're using. You would have to set them for each computer...

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