How do I sign in using Yahoo messenger 8.1?

Let’s learn how do I sign in using Yahoo messenger 8.1. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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yahoo messenger does not work in Windows 8.1 - Microsoft ...

Hi, Please answer the following questions. 1. Which version of Yahoo messenger do you use? 2. Which app did you reinstall? I would suggest you to refer to ...

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Can not sign-in to yahoo messenger i have been using my yahoo ID and password still can not sign-in?

Yahoo was working on their system tonight Dec 8th up until 7:30 pm it is now 11:57 and i can not sign-in to yahoo messenger....i have rebooted and still nothing just get the notice about them working on the system and try again to sign-in with no progress...


Looks like everyone is having the same problem. It seems the maintenance is taking longer than they...

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I am not able to sign in using Yahoo messenger?

I have installed Yahoo messenger 8.1, but its causing problems. I am not able to sign in using it. Whenever I try after few seconds of trying, it just returns to the sign in dialog with out any message. I have checked all the proxy settings, they are...


ahh... it says try it later? it has no server yet..meaning the internet is bz.. that's the answer of...

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I install yahoo messenger and i am using the same id like yahoo mail and i cant sign in messenger!!?

it needs a different id the messenger from that i am using for yahoo mail?


You could try uninstall your current Yahoo! Messenger and download from

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When using Yahoo Mail how do you sign out of Yahoo Chat (Yahoo Messenger) permanently?

At the upper left corner of Yahoo Mail is a round ball, when I click on that there's a drop down and I have signed out. However, I continue to receive pornography messages from random people. I hate Yahoo Messenger. I just want email only. No chat whatsoever...


Signing out should keep the setting at least that's what is normal for me unless I happen to click on...

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last night i know it crashed and i think it crashed again today....

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Why does my yahoo messenger constantly sign in and sign out when i am using it?

ok when ever i try to chat on my yahoo messenger the messenger will turn off and on constantly. we tried to do settings that we thought would fix it but it did not


Because your parents are checking in on you

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How can another guy who is using yahoo messenger sign me out of yahoo messenger?

There are some guys who are messing around with me and i need some help,i get error report in which says that yahoo has encounered a problem and need to close but i haven't had more


He knows your password and when he signs-in you are automatically sign-out. So, change your password...

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Why can't I sign in to Yahoo Messenger or MSN using satellite internet?

Is this a common problem with satellite internet? Lately, when I try to sign into Yahoo or MSN, the chat client just stays on the signing in screen and never actually signs in. My connection is slow, typical satellite service, but I am still able to...


Maybe the speed of the Internet is too slow, so you could use an optimize software to improve it, such...

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I am using yahoo messenger in apple i-phone, while my messenger is sign out i am receiving messages?

kindly tell me how to stop messages while my messenger is sign out


Hi, This is a setting in Messenger. If you logout and get texts to your phone, you need to disable the...

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