How do I start a Health Care Service such as a hospital?

Let’s learn how do I start a Health Care Service such as a hospital. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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Start a home health agency in Georgia by obtaining a license from the Office of Regulatory Services...

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If the libs think health care is a right rather than a professional service,why don't they start a charity?

The libs can donate as much as they want to pay for everyone's coverage ?


Why not this? We try the single payer option in one state and the current system in another...then lets...

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Is anyone else strongly irritated that Obama wants to launch universal health care in the U.S.?

Now look, I'm not going to be sympathetic to the whole community of U.S. citizens (and probably some illegals too) who can't afford health care. Is this not why we have the Welfare system. We're already paying for that - "we" meaning those...



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How do you feel about the dichotomy between health care as a business and health care as a human service?

How do you feel about the dichotomy between health care as a business and health care as a human service? For example, younger people are often prioritized to receive organ transplants, especially scarce organs. But sometimes an aging alcoholic, someone...


The entire American health care system is an example of this. For-profit healthcare means health is...

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What significant development in health care from 1975-1982 caused health care to start getting more expensive relative to inflation?

Here's a chart that illustrates this: I disagree with the chart creator that it was Medicare and Medicaid or the HMO act, due to the distance out.  But notice the sharp separation starting sometime around 1982.  What happened? Here's another chart that...


If you're looking for what happened in 1982, I can tell you. It's called Diagnosis Related Groups or...

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How do I even start to fill out these short-term health care applications?

How do I fill out an application for short-term health care if I barely even remember which doctors/clinics I've been seen at, let alone why? So, now that I'm all unemployed and without healthcare, it seems like a good idea to sign up for a short term...


I used to get short term health care quite often between work contracts and never had to do all that...

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Police are non-civilians. They are part of the government that the founding fathers wanted. Most founding...

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Should American health insurance companies start outsourcing medical care to off set the price monopoly?

Why not send people to Mexico, or the Philippines and have work done there? My $10,000 medical bill for a broken ankle would have costed $3,000 or less in the Philippines and that's AFTER a $1,000 plane ticket. They could have done just as good of a...


You definitely raise a valid point. Problem is how would the insurance companies effect the price of...

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I would like to start a community service program, sending care packages to troops. Where do I begin?

There are no organizations or community service programs in my area that support the troops by sending care packages. I would like to get this program start without having to go throug all the twists and turns of creating a non-profit. Is there some...


Don't reinvent the wheel, there's already a nation wide program. It's called Adopt A US Soldier (AAUSS...

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Is Caregiving experience counted as a health care field experience? or a hospitality/service type experience?

I'm just wondering if caregiving experience is considered part of the health care field? And would you be able to use it in your resume when applying for a health care type job, more


according to the caregivers alliance it is. I have attached a link to the website that has a few links...

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