How do I treat a second-degree burn?

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How to treat second degree burn. HELP NOW.?

How do I treat my minor second degree burn? I have ran cold water over it, which turned warm. Now. I do not have a cloth or sterile gauze. more


DO NOT USE ICE or milk like these people said! Ice will compound the problem by causing frostbite. You...

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How do I treat my razor burn? if this is razor burn?

hi I've been having an issue with irritation (razor burn) on my underarms. it's been about a week since the burn has been there (it started after I shaved so I think that's what caused it) though and I don't think it's getting better so I'm not quite...


Try some 100% aloe vera gel. It's clear with no additives. wal-mart sells Fruit of the Earth brand....

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how can you treat a burn?

Ok so I was straightening my hair ealing and I burned my foot. (lol ok don't ask, it's a long story lol) anyways it literally clamped on my foot and now the top of my foot has a semi-big red blotch (a burn) and it's starting to bubble. it really hurts...


Aloe lotion is great for both soothing and healing burns

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Anyone know how to treat this burn?

I was eating pizza and like an idiot I tried to shove the thing down my throat, and some piping hot cheese landed on my lip and now I've got a blister. I don't know what degree burn it is, and I don't know what to do about it, does anyone know how I...


It sounds just like a partial thickness burn. Don't burst the blister as this will make It heal slower...

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Whats a good way to treat a burn?



if you have an aloe leaf around you can use the sap and it works better than water. If not run it under...

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How do you properly treat a burn?

Call me stupid, but this morning I was making myself some coffee and instead of pouring the water into the cup... I poured it on my hand! Immediately after that happend I put neosporin on the burn, but then the burning sensation got really bad. I've...


Neosporin is more cuts, not burns. And you do not want to put ice on it.....that's why it is still burning...

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What is the beast way to treat a hand burn?

what is the best way to treat a hand burn i hurt my hand on a candle it was very hot and i am in pain, but it did not burn through skin or blister.


You have a 1st degree burn, the most mild of all burns. You will be fine and it will go away on its...

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How to treat sun burn?

Well i was outside all yesterday and it was really windy and the sun was out. Now my face is red and burn. So im thinkin its sun and wind burn. Any way to treat this besides Aloe?



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How to treat a possibly second degree burn? Help!?

Today in school i got burnt by a piece of very hot copper just below my elbow (vocational school). the school nurse wrapped my arm with something to cool the burn and gave me bacitracin ointment packets to put on the burn. Will this really help my burn...


Do not air it out, always keep injuries covered to prevent infection, airing it out does not speed up...

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How do you treat a burn?

I have a burn on my forearm in which the blisters have started popping, but it doesn't look any better. The burn is very sore to the touch and makes it difficult to function. I've been treating it with burn cream, but it seems to do nothing. What else...


To add on to the other post someone else left, "Don't use burn cream! You're describing a second...

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