How do I turn off the underlined shortcuts on Yahoo News items?

Let’s learn how do I turn off the underlined shortcuts on Yahoo News items. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I don't think you can Those are coded into the page

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How do I turn off those stupid, annoying and useless Yahoo Shortcuts in news stories?

The title says it all. How clueless are yahoo programmers? "Gee, I wonder if people would like more CARP cluttering up their screen constantly?". I turned them off in my email, but want to do the same in all yahoo new stories and pages as well...



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How to disable Yahoo Shortcuts (underlined text)?

I read Yahoo news less and less, in part due to the constant popping up of menus every time my mouse pointer crosses or rests on an underlined word in an article. They interrupt my reading and remain there hiding the text for quite awhile. There are...


try to check on this site then go to information section

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Use Mozilla firefox for browsing, use the adblock extension and just add this to your adblock filter...

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Why does Yahoo post some of my remarks to Yahoo news items but then denies remarks on some news items?

When posting remarks to news items on Yahoo, some are accepted and some are not? Don't understand why, because no unacceptable language is being used.................???


Yahoo is very politically oriented towards the extreme right. If you post anything that puts the extreme...

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How do you turn off yahoo news?

Hi. Lately, whenever I check my Yahoo email, I get relegated back to Yahoo! News or the Yahoo portal. Their feature stories are so idiotic, chosen by obviously demented and stupid people, that I am wondering whether there is any way to turn it off, short...


You don't say where or how you are being 'relegated' back to the News. If you are bouncing out of your...

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Still getting "sorry this video no longer available on most Yahoo news items. Will this OLD problem be Fixed?

For Years people have reported getiing the "sorry this video no longer availabe" message on Yahoo news items. I still get it most of he time when I try to look at a yahoo news item. The ad runs but the news clip will not come up. Yahoo I suggest...


I only encountered this problem recently and it started after an update to Firefox. I tried going back...

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Why are the news items so different between and

Today, news item on 'Roadside bombs kill 12 Iraqis in Baghdad' whilst on 'Bagdad bombs kill 19' Is this some form of sanitising the news for the U.S people ?


currency conversion of bombs. Apparently the $ bomb is worth more than the pound bomb.

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Why do so many news items on Yahoo take forever to load?

In the past month or so, clicking on news items on Yahoo News yields a long wait while the item attempts to load. Nearly 50% of the items I click on suffer this, and some of them more


I thought is was just my computer.It started about 6 weeks ago and I tried everything with no improvement...

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When I start my Yahoo Messenger my news items are all for the Philippines. How can I change it to US news?

I am an American and would like to see US or World news, and not Philippines. I live in the Philippines, but would like to change my settings from Yahoo Philippines to Yahoo in the US.


download the English version, change location preference.

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