How do I use a picture instead of my avatar for chat?

Let’s learn how do I use a picture instead of my avatar for chat. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Click "My Activity" at top of page Select "Edit My Preferences" Click "Update...

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On my chat picture I cant find how to use my real pic instead of an avatar?

How do i change it to a real picture of me??It show a real picture of me in my email but not when i chat


For a custom avatar, including pictures or others start here: * Download a...

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How to use my own picture for yahoo mail avatar?

I don't wanna use a yahoo avatar like the one it lets you customize to look like you, I just want to use my own picture so it shows up in chat and stuff. How do I do that?


The latter part will cover your question. If you would like to make an avatar or change it click this...

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Anyone else having issues with displaying an avatar picture on their Yim for Mac 3.0?

On my iMac using the Yim 3.0, I can select a picture from my hardrive to use as my avatar in the chat window and next to my ID in other's contact list. However, once I select a picture, it will not actually change or replace the existing one ON MY MAC...


im not sure why but its doing the same to me and its driving me crazy!

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Yahoo! Messenger HELP: How do I use DIFFERENT picture/photo in my display for DIFFERENT persons when I chat?

When I chat with "A", I want to display "picture A". But when I chat with "B", I want to display "picture B". Right now, everyone in my contact list sees the SAME display picture/photo. "Use this selection...


In the IM box, click the display picture, and select the photo. Do this separately with each person.

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[EVERYONE] - Your Avatar picture, why use a lame cartoon one? ?

Why do people use those lame cartoon made up avatars? Why not use your real picture? Really though, it doesn't matter how you look. You would probably more then likely get a 'butt-ton' of answers for everyone of your questions. If you have 'a real person...


I don't know how to and I'm too lazy to figure it out >_> lol edit; you motivated me to change...

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Where will I find a picture I can use as an avatar?

So, I tried to use a picture off of my hard drive as an avatar, but apparently it has to be a certain way. And I would just make an avatar on here, but there's something on the filter of the computer I use that won't let me. So can you guys pretty please...


go to google. find a pic. save as. then upload it.

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Use my 360 picture>preview for my avatar?

I have done everything you told me to , but i still can not get the avatar changed to my uploaded picture , I want that terrible purple thing off of my welcome to yahoo screen, please help me to get a personal picture on my avatar . I,ve joined facebook...


Okay, well you seemed tp have gotten it together some kind of way, huh? It's funny though, I was wondering...

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How do you use a picture from your computer as an avatar picture....? x(?

I am confused, I want to use a real pic of me as my avatar/profile pic that comes up when I ask or answer a question Not my Y!A avatar I am using now, how do I do this? Help appreciated, thanks xx


You put the image you'd like to use as your avatar on your 360 page. You may already have one. If you...

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Is it right to use someone else's picture as your avatar picture?

I notice some users using the pictures of movie stars and other famous people as their avatar pic. Couldn't this result in 'defamation of image'? For example, lets say a very abnoxious or offensive user starts using the picture of Joe Moviestar. Even...


<--- I wouldn't know, I'm all natural

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