How do get rid of a black screen?

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Try and go to %appdata% roaming .Minecraft, then when you look in the folder delete the bin folder to...

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How to get rid of black screen issue and get Vista to boot?

I need to solve this cause I am beyond frustrated and do not wish to blow off $50 for a possible 5 minute job. I have tried everything there possibly is. My problem is when I start my PC, I get the HP splash screens showing the 4 options (recovery, set...


Press F8 and go to the advanced startup menu and choose, Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure...

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How can I get rid of the black bar on the right of my computer screen?

So I was playing Spiderman 3 on the PC and there were wavy lines all over my screen. So I press the auto fix on my monitor and then the whole screen shifted to the left. I exited out the game and press the auto fix again, but the image on my screen is...


The screen adjustment settings is likely a driver problem. First download the newest driver for the...

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What is this black screen of death & how to get rid of it?

This home computer I have has recently had issues, and its only a few yrs old....One day it was making an odd noise from the hard drive so I shut it down and tried to restart it, but this black screen popped up and gave me like 4 choices on how to start...


If your hard disk is clicking then you're in trouble otherwise its only a hardware driver malfunction...

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I have a black horizonal black line running across from my computer screen what is it? how do I get rid of it?

It changed colors blue green red and black. It randomly appeared on my screen today. I even restarted my computer a couple times and it wont come off. How can I make this to get off? It is like overlapping my screen. Msotly the right side 3/4 to the...


It is most likely the monitor, mabye it's time to get a new one?

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How do you get rid of the black screen?

When I start my laptop up it comes up with a completely black screen and does nothing , so we have to press the power button and put it back on and then it's black with White writing and it says stuff like , "would you like windows to start up normally...


try to press f8 to load up the safe mode screen. Key down (using the keyboard) to "Safe mode with...

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How do I get rid of the Black border around my screen on my monitor?

I don't know how this happened, but when I turned my computer on this afternoon, I had a big black border around the screen. The screen is now in the middle of the monitor. Someone please tell me how to get rid of this.


Check your screen resolution.

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How do i get rid of this big black circle thing on my computer screen?

On my computer screen, it appears to be a crack with a black shadow all around it but when you touch it or turn off the screen it disappears, what could it be and how do I get rid of more


That might be dead pixels. You can repair it which is expensive so the best you can do is Buy a new...

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How do I get rid of the black bars of the side of my laptop screen?

Somehow my little cousin was playing MapleStory on my laptop, and she was pressing esc a lot thinking it would log her out of the game but when we found a way out i came on with black bars on the side of my laptop. I was surprise because it the first...


go to control panel on apperance and personalization below is resoulution if you have a 64bit change...

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How do I get rid of a random black square on computer screen?

A little black square shows up randomly and in different positions on my computer screen.The square is solid black and about 1/2 in X 1/2 in.Havent noticed if it occurs in one more program more than another. Any help appreciated.Doing Mcafee scan nnow...


Mcafee scan, what a joke....anyway, if it's malware, try this first. Rkill READ THE DESCRIPTION, and...

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