How do i close an yahoo e-mail account?

Let’s learn how do i close an yahoo e-mail account. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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there is no way to close the account. i once asked the same thing and was told by yahoo that it will...

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How do I close my yahoo email account I get far to much spam sent to my email and wish to close it!Please help

I get so much junk email sent from idiots/spammers all over the world. I'm not sure how they got my email address but I'm so fed up with it as some of it is now spilling from my junk mail into my inbox I'm scared I'll open a virus!!! I've never had this...


You have two choices for deactivating/deleting a Yahoo Email Address: First Accounts are deactivated...

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How do I close my Yahoo email account?

I have several email accounts. Yahoo. MSN Hotmail. Comcast. Google Gmail. So I wind up getting the same emails at four diiferent email addresses. The last time I closed my Yahoo email, it turns out I only suspended it. I couldn't access my emails but...


To delete Yahoo account :… This will tell you how to...

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How do I close my yahoo email account and open another with a new address or edit the old one?

I have just opened a new yahoo email account and inadvertently put at the end. I am travelling overseas and want use the new account while travelling. I am not sure if I can use it from overseas as I have added .au Will the address still work...


first of all, you can access .au from anywhere in the world as long as theres an internet connection...

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I need to close my email account I have tried calling yahoo 20 times no one ever answers how can I get hold of someone at yahoo?

My email is sending spams to everyone even myself and I just want to close account because this email is linked with an old AT&T account and the email address is not in the AT&T more


If your account has been compromised, then merely closing your account will not stop the spam being...

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How can I close my yahoo answers account, but keep my email account open for the same yahoo ID?

I know I can't delete my questions and answers. I just want the one part of my yahoo account closed but the other part of the same yahoo account left open.


You can't. Your ID is for accessing ALL of yahoo's services. If you don't want to access Answers under...

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How do I close my email address without closing my yahoo account? I already opened a second email address.?

I want to change my yahoo mail address because I am getting so much spam. So far I have opened a new yahoo ID and email address. Now I want to close the OLD email ID and email more


Anne, the only way you close your email address is by closing out your whole Y! account at this address...

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I want to stop spam, should I close my yahoo mail and make another yahoo email account? If so how do I do it?

How is the best way to get rid of spam coming into my computer? I have heard that I need to close my Yahoo email acct and make a new one, is this the best way? If so how do I go about this?


There is no way to completely stop spam unless you plan to never get on the internet again. You cannot...

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How can i close my yahoo email account but keep the yahoo id to use with messenger?

i don't use the email at all, i get over 500 spam messages each week, 50 or so of which yahoo's joke of a spam filter can't catch, so i'd like to just close the email more


You can't end just e-mail and if you delete the account, everything goes (

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How do I close my email account on yahoo?

I've recently set up a new email account with yahoo and another email provider. Because of all the spam and junk mail I get I want to close my original email address completly!!! I was wondering if anyone could offer any help! Thanks in advance, Huggle...


just go to My account info then on the right side of that screen you will see the public information...

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