How do i connect my iphone to the internet?

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Why can't I connect to the internet on my iPhone 4?

I've just bought an iPhone 4 and I want to connect to the internet but I can't do so. Do I need an apple id to use an iPhone? Definitely I've contacted my dataplan service and they are saying I should be able to connect to the internet now. But i can't! I've waited over 3 weeks but still no internet. These are the messages i get from 1627: May 8, 2011 5:33 PM Dear Valued Customer, your GSM Mi World Mobile service has been activated as requested. Dear Valued Customer, your GSM Mi World Mobile...


No - you only need a correctly provisioned data plan and working iPhone software. There isn't much that...

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How do i connect to internet on my Iphone (not WiFi)?

I have an iphone 3g and i can connect to WiFi connections but i cant use internet where ever i want. It keeps saying im not connected to a cellular network. Pls help :)


Then you need to find a wireless internet provider. ANY wireless service is called WIFI.

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How can I connect to the internet on my Iphone 4s?

I simply hit connect on the network in my house but the message" network wont connect appears" it doesnt ask me for a password which i entered before and the internet has worked on it before. suggestions?


Unplug the wireless routers power for about 30 seconds and plug it back in. Watch the lights go through...

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How can I get my iphone to connect to the internet?

Its my grandmas phone, and I have never tried to get one connected to the internet. She has wifi, router, everything. Just dont know the steps in getting the internet to the phone! Thanks, will give points away asap! =)


Go to Settings on your iPhone then your going to see a whole buch of things such a airplane mode. Go...

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How do I make my iPhone connect to the Internet through my home computer (so I can bypass proxy's) via VPN?

I keep trying to set up a VPN on my phone, but I don't exactly know what to fill out.


Use this

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How to connect your home internet to iphone 4g?

my dad has a iphone 4g and hes got a internet usage of 1gb and he used up all of his internet usage and now he asked me if its possibly to connect the home internet to the iphone 4g so that he doesnt need to use all the internet usage at home so that...


so you want to use your home internet on you phone you could just turn on your WiFi and you have to...

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I cant connect my Iphone 3Gs to the internet?

I recently got a Iphone 3GS, with unlimited internet, unlimited texts and 250 minutes.. I can connect to the internet at my home, but once i leave the house i cant connect to the wi-fi, so when im out i cant check my facebook. How do i get my wi-fi anywhere...


Not possible. That's 1 disadvantage with wifi. Its faster & cheaper but not as widespread as 3G.

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How to connect your iphone to the internet via your mac?

My iphone won't connect to the internet using wifi anymore I don't use it as a phone since I have another for another carrier all I want is internet through wifi on my iphone but I guess that's too much to ask for so I just want to connect it to the...


Buy a dongle -(Seriously..that's what they're called) and tether it to your computer

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I am trying to set VNC up where i can connect to it over the internet. I am using the viewer from my Iphone.?

I am trying to set up VNC on my laptop so that i can connect via the internet, not the intranet. meaning i can already connect via the LAN, but not the Internet. My laptop is running the server SPECS: Vista Premium 4 gB ddr3 ram 2.8 duel GHZ processor...


This is cake with a little program called TightVNC, which I use every day. Just download and install...

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How can u connect and browse internet on your iPhone?

I have a free internet computer connection...which gives me good speed.I want to connect my iPhone to my laptop via wifi and use my computers net to browse and download on the iphone.How is it possible..?Do i really need a wifi router for the same?This...


I know what you mean and that's why you have no answers. I wanted to do the same thing on my nokia but...

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