How do i send a text through yahoo?

Let’s learn how do i send a text through yahoo. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I send a text using yahoo.?

I've always been texting and every once in a while something would come up like 'change to this yahoo page' and I would click on 'no thanks' and not I can't send a text. This shows up: "SMS could not be sent to +1*********. It may be an invalid...


Click "New" then type in the cell number@theircarrier in the "TO" space. Type the...

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I'm told that I can send a text to a 3g phone from Yahoo Messenger. Is this correct? If so, how?

I shall be travelling in Spain, and don't want people to have to pay high rates to contact me. I'm told by the technical help guys at 3 Mobile that people can send me text messages free via Yahoo Messenger. I want to test this out by sending a text to...


for my phone its my number just ask for the carrier and look it up on yahoo or google...

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My friend has a cell phone and i want to send him a text with yahoo how do i do that?

My friend has a metro and i want to know how can i send him a text with yahoo email. I have seen it done b4 but i forgot how they did it


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How do I get the text to show up when I send/recieve messages in Yahoo! Messenger?

I have adjusted the settings in my internet explorer browser and still I get no text in the messenger window either sending or recieveing. I have uninstalled Yahoo! several times, cleaned out all of the associated files, and reinstalled, yet I still...


Hi, Thousands are having all kinds of problems with their mail since the new format, several months...

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How can I send text reminders to all the members of my Yahoo Group for Calendar Events?

Some of the members in my Yahoo group don't check email that often, but they won't miss a text message on their phone. Can I set up the calendar to text a reminder to certain members of the group on their cell phones? If not through Yahoo, can I do it...


At this time, you can't do that for calendar events. You could personally send text messages to those...

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How could I use Yahoo to send text messenges to Mexico?

Im trying to send a text messege to a cell phone in Mexico but it seems that yahoo doesn't works for that... and I want to know if there is a way to do it from yahoo or where could I do it???


go to yahoo mail and where it says new you can click on it Email or chat or text messenges then you...

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How do i send a text from yahoo to mobile?

i want to text my bf but i dont have a phone! :/ nd im not good with computers.. who can help me figure out how to make it so i can text a phone ffrom yahoo?


i know if your from verizon u send it like the other carriers idk

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I want to know how to send text msgs to my Brother's cell using yahoo mail?

All these days, I was able to log in to my ac n go 2 the mail 4 mobile page n from there go 2 mobile hm n from there use the text msg option n send my brother msgs but today I see I'm not able to find tht option in yahoo.Please guide me n I need an answer...


The easiest way to send text message or email to a cell phone is the free (for the first 100 message...

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How do I change things to get signal when someone send a text massage on yahoo text,?

I like to get a noise of some kind so i would know I have a text from someone


I hope you are talking about your PC, not your cell phone. If the latter, again refer yahoo help. If...

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How can i send a text to someones phone from online other then yahoo?

i wanna text my friend and my phones dying AND i cant find my charger lol this is a really important friend sooooo is there anyway i can text him from online other than yahoo?


While if your friend has Facebook account and if he registered his number to his Facebook you can go...

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