How do i watch a movie on tv from my computer?

Let’s learn how do i watch a movie on tv from my computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i watch a movie on my computer, but hook it up to my TV so it shows up on the TV screen?

I wanna watch a movie that's on my computer but I don't know how to hook it up to the TV so I can veiw it on that. is there anyway i could do that?


S-Video cables, RCA video (Male) to VGA (Male), VGA to VGA (mostly on HDTV), hdmi to hdmi. there are...

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How Can you connect ur computer to the if i put a video CD in the CD rom i can watch the movie on TV??

i wanna know how can i connect the computer to the TV to watch computer on the TV or connect the TV to computer to watch TV on my computer.


you must have and s-video plug on your graphics card or computer and on your dvd player or your tv the...

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How can i watch a movie through my computer on my tv while listening to music on my computer monitor?

My parents like to watch online movies through my computer on my tv. I would like to do my own things and listen to music on my computer while they watch a movie. Is there any option on my computer where i can have seperat sound for my tv and for my...


The easiest to do is get a USB sound adapter. You could listen to your music on an MP3 player or smartphone...

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you watch it on your AppleTV. that's the limitation of buying it that way...

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I like to watch certain movie I get on my computer, How do I set it up to view on my tv?

My son did it when he visited so I know it is possible. I just don't know if you need a special computer or how to set it up,


the easiest way is if your computer has an output that matches one of the inputs for your television...

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Does anyone know how I can connect both my computer monitor and tv so I can watch movie on both at same time?

some computer has a svideo output but mines does not so I was wondering if I can get a Video card that has a svideo output and if so which kind should I get because there are more


I think you should buy tv tuner and attach another cable wire to your monitor and you can view the same...

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How can i watch a movie i have downloaded on my computer on my tv?

my tv does not have an s cable, but my cable box does. is there a way to run it through the cable box?


most likely the s-video connection on your cable box is an OUTPUT, meaning you can't send an s-video...

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When I hook up my laptop to my Tv to watch a movie, I can seen my computer screen on the Tv screen while it's?

powing on, but as soon as Windows Vista starts up, the TV says there is no PC connection. I have an HP laptop and the TV is a DAENYX. I was able to connect to my RV tv (I can't remember the brand). What am I missing??


Blow into the wire source maybe its dusty. or try a new wire.

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Is there a such thing of a adapter or something where i can watch a movie from my computer to my tv?

i want to watch a movie that i downloaded on my computer but how can i watch it on my tv with a cord or something without burning it on a cd


Yes. They are called digital media adapters or receivers or window media extenders. They are sold by...

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Can i watch my computer on my tv , eg like a movie or sports and is there a wire which i have to use?

i have the computer Lenovo IdeaCentre B310, and the tv Panasonic TX-P50U30B 50-inch


You'll just need a hdmi wire from your pc to tv. And maybe a switch so you can change the wire quickly...

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