How do you cold wax a snowboard?

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How to Wax a Snowboard?

I need to know how important it is to use a base cleaner to remove the excess wax on a snowboard. I went to a shop and they didn't sell base cleaner because it is NOT mandatory. I more


Honestly unless I am doing repairs to the board like using p-tex to repair gouges or the wax is just...

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How should I wax my snowboard?

I think it is time to wax my snowboard. It is my first time waxing it. So do I take it to a snowboard shop to hot wax it, or do I buy rub-on wax, or......?


Rub on wax is only good for a few runs at most. Hot wax seeps into the base and will hold up for a few...

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How many times do you need to wax your snowboard and is there a certain kind i should get?

I was told that you need to wax your snowboard but dont know how much times you should wax it. Also Is there a certain wax you need. Thanks!!!


where I live the weather changes often, so I wax mine with the right wax every time the temperature...

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How often should I wax my snowboard?

I got a brand new snowboard for Christmas and I use it on weekends. How often should I wax it and get my edges sharpened? When i usually wax my board i get some wax, rub it on my more


Its already waxed from the factory and the factory wax is the best. You only want to wax it once maybe...

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Can you wax your snowboard with skate wax? if so, How??

Hi, My snowboard really really needs to be waxed, and I am going snowboarding tommorrow (YES!!!!). the problem is that I wasnt able to get to the snowboard shop this year, and now im more


Don't use skate wax. Take it to the repair shop on the mountain and have them wax it if it's really...

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How do i wax and srape off wax on a snowboard PLEAZE HELP ME!!!?

okay so i just bought a snowboard off my friend and he said it needs waxed and i have nooo clue what that means or if i ride it with the wax on the board or if i scrape it off please more


yes a board need to be waxed. The wax helps it slide on the snow. The edges also need to be sharpened...

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How do I make the wax on my snowboard stay longer?

I hot wax my snowboard and go snowboarding for like 2 or 3 hours and near the end of the day the edges are beat and it needs another wax. Am I scraping too much of the wax off after I more


Wax is a waste of time and money. I've never waxed a board in my life, and I ride all park, my board...

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How long does a snowboard wax take?

Im getting my snowboard waxed tomorow at my local lodge and im wondering how long it takes then to hot wax it and how long is a machine hot wax


at the Ski Lodges, I've seen them do it in about 5 min. with a machine.

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How to wax my snowboard?

I was just wondering how to wax my snowboard I've never done it before. I know theres way where you can like melt wax and put it on and buff it in and stuff but is there any easy more


Fastest and easiest is to just rub it on the base. A better way and longer lasting would be to paint...

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How long does hot wax last on a snowboard?

i recently put some rub on wax on my snowboard because it was all the store had.i know that hot wax is better but how much langer will it really last? im going snowboarding once or more


If you want to experience the sport in the most enjoyable way, then you should hot wax your board before...

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