How do you deactivate a Yahoo email account?

Let’s learn how do you deactivate a Yahoo email account. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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A number of things you can try include Update Adobe Flash Player Internet Explorer and Java script ...

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How to deactivate email account in yahoo?

is is possible to deactivate yahoo ID in messenger and yahoo email account?


Search it and therell be a link to it.

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How to deactivate yahoo email account?

someone has hacked into one of my yahoo email accounts, how do I deactivate the account?


You do not need to do that, If Your account got compromised. First change your password. Account help...

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How do I delete/deactivate a Yahoo email account?

Okay so I have a spare Yahoo email account that I dont really use and I want to get rid of it. So how do I do that?


You can delete the account easily by going here… Log...

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How do i deactivate an account i do not want to use anymore and substitute another yahoo email?

i set up an alternate email years ago (thegraceplace9367882201) but was getting so much junkmail that I changed it to another ( older email is the more


You can try these Yahoo customer care numbers: 866-562-7219, 1-800-318-0612 (Toll Free) You can also...

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How can I deactivate my yahoo email account? ?

I now have a BT Yahoo email address


my account hakid

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Why did yahoo deactivate my email account and every other yahoo service i use?...see details...?

For starters i use my email every day,so i know its not because i havent checked recently enough.Second of all,i had a ton of improtant emails in there.Mostly emails that i have saved from my exwife that i was going to use in court.I have kept every...


Could your ex wife deleted your account or were reported for some TOS violation? The only thing I can...

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I got an email from YAHOO that says my account has virus, will deactivate account?

In the email they are asking for my email and password. I sent an email asking them if it was legitimate. If not I would report them to the genuine YAHOO and take legal action. I need to know if this is a scam


100% scam. That is a scammer trying to hi-jack your email address to spam all your contacts and then...

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Deactivate yahoo email account?

How do i deactivate my yahoo account so it no longer in use?


You need to be signed in to the account if you wish to delete it.

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I want to deactivate my email account with yahoo?

I have a virus for the past two weeks. yahoo will not let me change my user ID name. I"m deactivating my email account with yahoo as of August 26,2012.


To register, cancel reactivate and many other changes to your account see the following help page. http...

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