How do you delete a 360 page when the yahoo account has already been deleted?

Let’s learn how do you delete a 360 page when the yahoo account has already been deleted. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Deleting unwanted 360 page when yahoo acc doesn't exist?

Deleted an old yahoo account a while ago, thought it would delete everything but the 360 page still exists. Any ideas? Tried signing up again with same id, but still can't access page to delete it.


If you deleted an account, the instructions offered by answerer #1 will not work. You will have to contact...

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How can I delete my Yahoo 360 page after I have already deleted my Yahoo account associated with it?

When I try to go to settings on 360, it prompts me to sign in to Yahoo first. Well, I deleted my Yahoo email account so I can't sign in. Any tips on how I might be able to more


Sorry I am afraid you can't do that. Once you have delete the account you can't go back there to delete...

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Ok, my old yahoo account got deleted, and my old 360 page is still up for ppl to see, how do i delete it?

It got deleted, and I made a new account with a new 360 page, but the old one that got deleted is still up where ppl can see. how do i delete the old 360 account and everything thats more


Just go into the old account & delete it thru Q & A

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I deleted my yahoo account but the 360 page is still there i can't sign into it How do I delete it?

I had another account and deleted it but found after the fact the 360 is still going for that name even thou I can't sign back into it. Would like to get it removed.

Answer:… Read especially Post #6 in this forum. I hope that...

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If your account gets deleted from Yahoo answers, does it also delete your 360 page?

Also what about if you have small business services you are paying for?


Joezen, Not necessarily, If a person get suspended from here, they can lose their id, points they worked...

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How do I delete a Yahoo 360 page when the associated yahoo id has been deleted?

I set up a yahoo 360 page last year under a different yahoo id than the one I currently have. For personal reasons I had to then delete the 360 page. When I went to find out HOW to delete the 360 page completely, the yahoo privacy page said the only...


Click on the "Report Abuse" link on the page, describe your situation in the form. Be sure...

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How can one delete their yahoo 360 account?

i used to have an account under EB_FL_70 I deleted my yahoo instant messenger and email account, but can't delete the yahoo 360 page, can someone advise how to delete my yahoo 360 page, and why is it so hard to get a hold of someone who can actually...


If you deleted your ID to get rid of your 360 its too late unfortunatly It should go away if you clean...

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Yahoo 360 page?

I deleted my yahoo account but when i looked at another 360 page i still see the 360 page associated with the account i closed.. How can i delete or close the 360 page too?


You can try to report the page for abuse and tell them that you deleted the account associated with...

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Deleted Yahoo Account help?

I deleted my old yahoo account but, my q/a page as well as my 360 are still up? Why is this? Dont these pages delete when you terminate the account?


Delete Questions And Answers Account even if you delete your yahoo email account the questions and answers...

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Is there any way to see a yahoo 360 profile once its been "deleted" or if they can no longer locate it?

My boyfriend had a full length conversation with a girl this afternoon - she has a screen name, he saw her yahoo 360 profile and she even gave him the link to her flickr profile or pictures... she said she was going to talk to me later. He of course...


Is either she has deleted the accounts or she has a way to hide the URL Links. Or she may have delete...

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