How do you do an ollie on a skateboard?

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First you need to know if your goofy or standard. Standard (like me) is when your left foot is the front...

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How to Ollie while in stationary(skateboard)?

okay i started to skateboard 3 days ago... i bought my first skateboard 3 days ago also and i already learned how to ride it and turn....and the past two days i was learning how to Ollie.. i can Ollie a good 10 inches ...but the problem is...i can only...


It's ok you will learn over time. But the way I learn my tricks is on grass, once I have that down I...

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How do I ollie over something on a skateboard?

Like i can ollie while moving perfectly but when i got to ollie over something the board like goes out in front of me right before i land it. AND!! how close should i be to the object that i am ollie before starting my ollie?


maybe like 2 or 3 inches before the obstacle. just ollie normal and it will naturally go over that object...

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Does anyone know how to do an ollie on a flex deck skateboard?

My skateboard is an oldskool style skateboard...its flat tailed and it bends a lot...i was wondering if anyone knows the technique for doing an ollie on this kind of skateboard or any sites that explain it


these boards arent meant for ollieing..

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How to ollie on moving skateboard?

I am a first-time skateboarder and I know how to ride and ollie standing still but just can't combine the two for some reason. When I start riding w/my feet in ollie position I lose balance quickly, do I adjust them to be that way while I'm riding? If...


When riding, be sure to.ride.on smooth, flat ground. maybe your garage or alley. look at your feet....

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How do I ollie on a skateboard?

This is kind of embarrassing for me but I cant do an ollie. I can do maybe some of the hardest tricks but i can't ollie...Does anyone have a video or help I can follow to ollie?


Snap slide your foot and land,and if you dont get it you can always ask someone who skates or just watch...

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How long did it take you to learn how to ollie in a skateboard?

im just starting out skateboarding and its been three weeks since i started trying to learn how to ollie and i can only ollie 3 inches so can you tell how long it took you to learn to more


on my first day i could jump an inch and the second day 4 inch...just practice a lot

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How do you get the skateboard up when you do an ollie?

I've been trying and trying to do an ollie on my skateboard, but I can't even get the fricken skateboard off the ground when I jump. Can anyone help???


well u have to push(pop)down on the tail of the board with your toes which well give u power do not...

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How to practice an ollie on a skateboard?

Im trying to practice an ollie with a skateboard. I know all the moves and stuff i want to know how to practice like how much time to practice, good spots to practice, best foot placement, practice in grass or ground. Please be detailed im new to this...


the best way i learnt (back in the day) was getting to know if you are regular or goofy, then push off...

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How to ollie higher on a skateboard?

Hey everyone....i need to know how i can ollie higher on a skateboard....right now my highest, was about 4 inches....i need to know how to get to to be a little bit over a foot..... more


Keep practicing. Jump higher (the board only gets as high as you do), and smash your back foot down...

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