How do you download desktop manager for blackberry to your computer?

Let’s learn how do you download desktop manager for blackberry to your computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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If I do not have a home computer how do I download desktop manager to Blackberry?

I have the BlackBerry Pearl. Had it since March. I really don't want to use my friends computer to download Manager. My parents have a Mac and I know how much PocketMac can mess more


I dont know, do they have a filter that would keep you from downloading it on school computer?....maybe...

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Answer: offers support as well as all sorts of software downloads for anyone. They even have...

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Where does the desktop manager come from with the Blackberry Storm?

Ok, I just bought my very first blackberry. And I'm learning about apps and what not. I understand how to add them using OTA. But I can't figure out how to do it using my computer. I understand I need to open a desktop manager, but where does this come...


You should have received a CD with your Storm. However if you didnt have no fear, I am attaching the...

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How do I download music on my blackberry pearl?

I have had my blackberry pearl for over a year now and I am just now realizing that you might be able to download music onto it, the question now is, how? I have tried to synchronize my blackberry through the blackberry desktop manager but it says that...


There are two ways you can put music on the pearl. Either way you choose you will need to get a micro...

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Where can I download the desktop manager for my Blaskberry 8703?

I recently obtained a Blackberry 8703 and I was wondering where can I download the desktop manager for my computer for free so that I can sync my Blackberry and my computer. Thanks more

Answer: go to support, then software.

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Download the new Blackberry Messenger 5 with Desktop manager?

How do you download the new Blackberry Messenger with the Blackberry Desktop Manager? I need to do it this way because I do not have internet on my blackberry plan. Could you more


here click where it says, Download from smartphone, but...

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Why cant i download any verson of desktop manager for Blackberry pearl?

i cant find any website that lets me. even the main blackberry site. i need to get version 4.2 so i can add music to my phone and it never takes me to the actual download part. filling out a bunch of stuff and never even getting to actually download...


The reason you are getting the message that the file is too big is because you are trying to use the...

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How can I stop my Blackberry Desktop Manager from opening every time I turn on my computer?

Okay, so technically it's my mom's Blackberry. Ever since she got it the Blackberry Desktop Manager automatically starts up whenever the computer is turned on. It's a more


Most programs have an option to turn off auto run. It you look in options, its usually labeled something...

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Do I download blackberry desktop manager on my phone or the pc?

If its either one, where can I download it?(I know blackberry is an ancient phone which is why I need this app to get all my messages onto my computer so I can finally upgrade to a more


As the name implies, it goes on your desktop (aka PC).

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Where can i download Desktop manager for the blackberry 8800?

Ive lost the CD nd i really need to back my texts up and stuff, i was woundering where i can download the sofware to do so for free? Thanks


You can download it from Blackberry directly…

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