How do you get credit without having a credit card?

Let’s learn how do you get credit without having a credit card. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Personal Finance and Money.

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Relocated to USA. How to get credit card without existing credit history / score?

I recently relocated to USA and have no Credit Score. Is Secure Credit Card is the only option for me to start building my credit score? Also please recommend which other credit cards are available for people like me to build credit score


If you have an AMEX from another country, you can get an AMEX in the US. American Express has a separate...

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How to get cash from a credit card without using a cash advance?

My boyfriend needs $750 in cash, cashier's check, or money order to pay a fine. The only way he has to get the money I his Discover credit card. His credit card has a $300 limit for cash advances. How can he get the rest of the cash? I have been told...


Cash advance limits are normally much less than the purchase limit. You can try to call the card and...

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Bad credit or no credit does make it hard to get a card. Try getting one at a store like Taget or Koles...

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How can I get a free credit report without a credit card?

Ok, I recently applied for a credit card and was denied. It said I had a delinquency on my credit. I've never done anything bad in my life. Never stole, never been arrested. All I can think is that maybe it's an old hospital bill or something. I'm looking...


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How do i get my credit history? how do i get my credit score off the internet without having a credit card>?

i find a lot of free credit report companys on the internet but when you try to actually see it they require a credit card number to get any further with the process. as i dont have one... which makes it hard to find out why i cant get one because i...

Answer: was initially set up by the government, because they just started requiring each...

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How to get a credit card without credit hitory?

My friend moved to US (legally!lol) But he needs a credit card , you cant function normally without one, really.. He got a VISA check card. But how does he start to get one as CREDIT ,hes like 18 without credit history. Thats the reason banks state in...


The first thing your friend will need is a Social security number or an ITIN number (Individual Taxpayer...

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How much money do I need to get a credit card without a cosigner?

I am interested in applying for either a Student Credit Card from BOA or Wells Fargo. I am under 21 and do not want to sign with a cosigner. I do not have a job currently. How much money do I need in the bank account for them to approve me for a credit...


You need a job, for at least for 6 months. Also you will need other credit, like a car loan or something...

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How do i get an amazon replacment without a credit card?

I got a kindle fire for christmas and now I need a replacement. But in order to get one I need a credit card. but im 13 so i dont have a credit card. how can i get it without having a credit card.


you can't. Unless the person who bought it can exchange it for you

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Answer: offers a free credit score report without needing a credit card.

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How online shops get cash without my credit card?

they ask for credit card number, and other infos.. but how they get cash with only these infos? do they transfer credit? details please. then how can i get cash having only all those infos?(without credit card)?


On line shops are registered traders. Credit card companies do not send out cash to just anyone.

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