How do you hook up a laptop to a telly?

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How to hook up laptop to Tv?

I want to hook my laptop up to my plasma screen tv. I guess for watching videos I have downloaded and also just to surf the web on the big screen. What cable do I need to do this? And do I need a seperate one for sound? I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop and I have a Westinghouse 42" Plasma tv... Thanks!


If your laptop has an HDMI port definitely use that as that will get you the best resolution. FOr this...

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How do I hook my windows 7 laptop up to a lcd 720p dynex tv with hdmi?

I have a toshiba satellite l755 laptop with windows 7, and have no problems hooking it up to my 47 in. Sony bravia which is 1080p 120hz tv, I just plug it in with the hdmi cable and it displays on both my laptop and the tv. However I recently got a new...


Update the video driver from Toshiba's website and then enjoy! I had the same problem and it worked...

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Can I/How to hook up my laptop to a desktop monitor?

Ok this is is a question with many parts any help is appreciated: 1.) Can I hook up my laptop to any desktop monitor or do I need to buy a special kind of monitor (or some adapter) to do that? How would I find out if my specific laptop and monitor are...


your monitor is only 720p but that doesn't mean you cant view 1080p movies on it. but you will only...

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How do you hook up an external monitor to a cracked laptop?

My laptop screen cracked a few days ago so I bought an external monitor to hook up to it. I've looked up how to hook up an external monitor to a laptop and it never seems to work with a cracked screen. All the videos say to click on the function key...


If you want my honest opinion, I would attempt to sign in even if you can't see it. If that doesn't...

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How can i hook up my Ps3 with my laptop?

Guys , how can i hook up my Ps3 with my laptop?My laptop doesn't have HDMI.I saw that the only other way to hook up a laptop to a ps3 is with Easy cap.But there is many different more


EasyCap is EasyCap. It's all pretty much the same. Sure, they may have updated versions of EasyCap,...

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How can I hook up a laptop to another screen, when the laptop screen doesn't work?

Our laptop screen does not work. It's completely broken (it IS broken, not just off or something). The actual computer does work however. I have an HDMI cord, and the laptop has a HDMI output socket. I have tried just plugging it in, but I think I need...


see your hdmi wont work instead use the monitor plug which is of 15 pins and insert the 15 pin socket...

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How Do I Hook/Connect my Computer Tower to my Laptop so I can retrieve files from my Tower?

Hello, I have an Toshiba laptop and a Compaq Tower Computer. As of this year my famil replace the old tower with a new one but didn't bother to save any of the files on the old tower, so we have a tower with many files, pictures, music, home videos,...


I would unhook the monitor from the new tower, hook it up to the old one, and then network the two computers...

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How do I hook up my laptop PC to a tv via the VGA input/output?

I have an Acer Aspire 5003WLMi laptop that I purchased about a year and a half ago. This has the 15-pin VGA port on the back. I just purchased a Samsung flat screen tv last week that also has the VGA port. I tried using a male-male VGA cord to plug into...


right click on the desktop and choose properties. Click on the settings tab. Where it says Display there...

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How to hook up laptop to Sylvania plasma?

i need to know how to hook a HP laptop to a Sylvania 6842pf m plasma screen TV. If anyone knows how to hook a laptop up to any TV, then it would be useful. Thanks


The easiest way would be to use the S-video input on your TV, but this is assuming your laptop has an...

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How can I change the display settings when I hook up my desktop monitor to my laptop?

I use to have a desk top and it stopped working so I got a laptop and hooked up the monitor from the desk top to my laptop. When I hooked it up the first time a box came up so I could choose how I wanted to view it. It had three choices: 1. view on monitor...


if you are using windows 7, right click your desktop, select screen resolution and that will take you...

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