How do you share videos on YouTube?

Let’s learn how do you share videos on YouTube. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Share 'em more likely by visiting your own video site and then, click share button.... Good luck!

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How to share videos on YouTube?

I want to make and share my wedding video clips with friend and family on YouTube or other videos sharing sites. Any tips?


youtube has a help section - once you get the youtube site up - just click on the Help button along...

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How do you share Youtube videos?

I recently uploaded a video on my youtube account and I want to share it with all my friends and subscribers. How do I send a message to all my contacts with my video attached? 10 more


Youtube can accept flv,mp4 format. you should use leawo video to flv converter to convert your video...

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My yearbook... how do I share youtube videos?

ive got one in my :manage videos: area but when I upload it in the staus bar it only shows the link and not the little picture of the video?


I think You can go to your video on youtube then copy what it says on the tool bar for example http...

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How to share videos from youtube to facebook?

When I click the icon to share and I do the it looads to my profil as the name/link and it doesn't even work please help.. I have the pantech crossover its an android

Answer: That's how!

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Revenue share gameplay Videos on YouTube?

I have a gameplay channel on youtube where I do Call of duty videos and add my commentary. I was invited to revenue share, so I selected the option to monetise my gameplay video. I told them that my video contained gameplay of Call of duty with commentary...


Youtube don't disallow anything at all. It's the music record labels and move producers who take action...

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Computer Issues... disappearing scroll bars, can't share Youtube Videos to Facebook, etc.?

Okay, all of this stuff worked fine yesterday. But last night when I fell asleep, my Computer went ahead and downloaded all of the new updates it needed, and now when I maximize my browser window (Google Chrome), Two inches of the right side of the screen...


Google Chrome is spying on you. Download Firefox, it is stable and not set up to collect your data like...

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Is it free to share all the videos of youtube to facebook even thought it is an official music video?

is it free to share all the videos of youtube to facebook even thought it is an official music video?


If its on youtube, then yes, you can post to facebook.

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I want to build a website for personal family picture and video share. I am currently using youtube to share videos.

But on youtube they limit your video size to 100mbs which on my video is 1 1/2 mins. I would like to upload almost all my video. Does anyone know of a website where I have almost unlimited size for uploading and storage? Thanks for your help!


Check out You can email friends and family links to your own private website.

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Unable to share YouTube videos on mobile site on iPhone 4?

For some reason the last two days when I try to share a video on Facebook through the YouTube mobile site it says "The page you requested cannot be found right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired...


Best thing to do, is to copy the url, and use the facebook app to share it.

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