How do you start a group chat in Google Talk?

Let’s learn how do you start a group chat in Google Talk. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Super User.

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How to start a group chat in Google Talk client?

I created a group chat with Google Talk gadget, but I can't do it in the desktop client. Maybe pidgin can do it


The "group chats" are a nonstandard feature, incompatible with XMPP multi-user chats, and...

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If I start group on google where people talk about their problems, could I get into legal trouble?

It would be where people talk about what they're stressing over, worried, etc and let others give them advice. It would be for those who have no medical card, and can't afford a therapist.


to be safe, put a disclaimer that the info offered is not medical or legal advice- as long as you and...

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You can either invite other people or checkout Google Hangout.

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Google Talk is being phased out, so in the future there will be (hopefully) no confusion.

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How do i talk to people?

Ever since i've joined social network sites, i've been kinda self obssessed with being "sociable". i used to have no problem before. talking with ppl was a natural thing forr me. But now its the only thing on my mind. i listen to other ppls...


You just gotta be yourself, everyone, including me, has wanted to be like someone else and maybe even...

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I want to talk to people in real time. With text. On the internet.

I'm a fan of the text chat. I used to be active on local dial-up systems, and later IRC. Then somewhere along the line, about two decades ago, I pretty much quit all of that and got caught up in real life. Well, I want to go back. Only it seems like...


I belong to a few different Slack teams (for Producthunt, for a local volunteering org, and for a bunch...

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How can I collaborate and talk with a bunch of individuals at once, in real time?

I love the idea of crowdsourcing, and realize there are many intelligent people here on Quora. Is there a way to collaborate with a group of people such as in a group chat? With maybe the ability to have video conferences and real time document editing...


Some of these capabilities are covered by Unison (my company). For realtime video, there's now Google...

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How to talk with strangers?

I am a 17 year old guy and I am going to the swearing in ceremony for my local state representitive that I work with. I have some friends that will be attending, but there will be 45 people on this trip, many of whom I have never met. Many are also adults...


I commend you for being willing to interact with other people. It does take mindful effort to develop...

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Is it good to take revenge(prove myself, show him that I am capable of more than what he thinks) or be with him as a friend (and just smile and talk from face, not from heart) who talked bad about me? What would you do if you were me?

Here goes the story. I am myself Anna. My batch mate is Vinu. Anna and Vinu are studying in under grad school. My batch mate Vinu's close friend is David. David is one year senior to Anna and Vinu. David is a good friend, who use to help everyone, provide...


I think that Anna should sit down with David and ask why David said those things.  What David thinks...

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Dear David i am new to scanners and frequencies and i need a jump start.?

its so good to hear for my question from some one. i thought they do not answer to a stranger's question. i am from pakistan peshawar.i am new to scanners and frequency. i am confused in trunking and how am i gonna able to know about the frequiencies...


Trunking is a system which multiple agencies are sharing the same system. One individual department...

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