How does the nike ipod touch app work?

Let’s learn how does the nike ipod touch app work. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Quora.

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Assuming you have Nike+ enabled shoes and have purchased the sensor (which costs about $25), it's fairly...

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You would wifi, so no.

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Why doesn't my Nike+Ipod sensor activate?

when i bought ipod touch, i already had the nike+ipod app. i don't know what to do. do need the kit to make the app work or do i delete it because it doesn't work ? need info


You need the chip that you put in the nike shoe

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Is talkatone app on iPod touch absolutly free and does it work on Ipod touch?

I want the talkatone app on ipod touch and is It absolutly free? Any hidden charges or and bills qnd does it work on ipod touch


Yes, it's free and works on iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generation All you need is a Google account (also...

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First go to settings. Then scroll down to the bottom and you should see "Nike + IPod" there...

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I have a Gen.1 Ipod didnt come w/ the app store..if i get apps on Itunes will it work on my Touch?

my touch is a gen. 1 and so yeah it didn't come with the app store and it costs 10 bucks to get the app store on it so yeah i didnt want to do that and so i just went to the App more


Of course it will. However, if you do buy it on iTunes, you have to hook up the iPod Touch through a...

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Will the Viber-Free Call&Text app work with the ipod touch 4th generation?

I am looking into purchasing an ipod touch 4th gen. However, I want to be reassured I can use the Viber app to call and text other numbers with the ipod touch 4th generation. Also, I was curious as to if this application can call and text other numbers...


yes, but only if you are in range of a WiFi hotspot.

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App wont work on ipod touch?

I just got an ipod touch a couple of days ago. I downloaded the app called iglow stick and it worked fine. After starting to transfer music, itunes updated the software on my ipod. Now I can't get any of the apps I downloaded to work. Anyone know how...


Reintall the apps or restore your iPod!

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Does the Recorder app for the iPod touch actually work?

There's like two apps in the appstore that says you can record using the iPod touch.. Is it true? Like how can it actually record on the iPod touch.. there are no extra little holes on it. So, is it true? Can it actually record? Is the quality ok? Thanks...


You cannot record solely from an iPod Touch, but Apple sells headphones with a built in mic, and you...

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Do all apps on the app store work for the iPod Touch?

I really want to get an iPod touch. I am making a list of possible apps I might get and was now wondering if all of them work for the iPod rather then the iPhone. If that makes any sense.


Almost all apps will work excluding a few that deal with hardware only found on a phone such as an app...

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