How easy is it to get a grant for a down payment on a new home?

Let’s learn how easy is it to get a grant for a down payment on a new home. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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Looking to buy a home? Find out how to get up to $30,000 FREE for your down payment. Difficulty: Easy...

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Where can I get about 15,000 dollars of free/grant money towards a down payment on a home?

I have perfect credit, have very good income, and I am a first time home buyer. The problem is that I don't have enough money on reserve for a down payment, closing cost, home insurance and taxes for a purchase price on a 3 to 4 family home(in which...


If you go FHA then there is certain grant programs that will help with all the closing costs, we went...

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Can I get my pell grant sent directly to me?

I am currently living in Tucson, AZ but sometime within the next couple months to at the most 1 year moving back home to Macomb County, MI. Anyway, I am a middle aged adult and now the the kids are somewhat grown I would like to take a few classes. We...


1. You can't get the Pell grant to come directly to you. If you qualify for it, it will be sent to your...

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How do i receive a grant for buying a home or towards a downpayment?

how do a single mother of two at the age of 27 years, work full time and go to school (college) get an grant for buying a home or for a down payment ?


You don't. There are no such things as grants for private individuals to buy homes with government funds...

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Where can i get a grant for my home repairs? My house was built in 1918 and its in need of serious repairs.?

I need to get a grant to repair our home for at least $200,000.00. My home was built in 1918 and it needs some serious work. We live in a historical area where you are limited as to what you can do to your home. I would love to sell my home for $300...


Good morning...first, you may want to contact your city's historical preservation society to request...

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Relocating and want to rent out my house - Could I get a mortgage for a 2nd home with a small down payment?

I lost my job in 3 mos ago. I have a really good job opportunity that would require relocating about an hour south of where I live to be able to commute to NYC. I'd like to rent out the home that I own and purchase a 2nd home in New Haven County, CT...


Although the housing market is tough at the moment, I would think that yes, they would consider the...

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Hi, I am hoping to get help on how to send for those government grant to help you with a home,start a business

Hi, I sent away for those cd that say you can get help from goverment grants to help with a down payment on a house, start a business, i sent away for a cd that was to help me sent away for grant but it was a rip off the cd did not help, but i know there...


The CD is a rip off as well as all those sites proclaiming you can get grants for anything because they...

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What laptop should I get from Home Access Grant?

I need a laptop not a proper Computer. I have the £528 grant and I'm really unsure. I need a fast reliable laptop. Here are all the websites I can get it from: www.homeaccess...


comets is crap , its not even the laptop shown,its a completely different one in store, i got the samsung...

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Is there any way to get around paying a down payment on a home?

We are first time home buyers with great credit. The thing is, we don't have the money for a down payment and we need to move by November 1st. I know that FHA loans only require a 3.5% down payment but we dont even have that much. Is there any way at...


You can't afford a house. Wait and save until you can afford it.

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Student grant expected payment 11/01/2012...can I get my money next few hours?

On the student finance website it says my expected payment date for my grant is tomorrow (11/01/2012)...I was wondering what time would i be getting my money into my account? Is there any chance it comes through in the next few hours? Please help :(...


Sorry, but I read 11/01/2012 as being NOVEMBER 01, 2012 Marking this as interesting - did not know grant...

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