How get to know incoming and outgoing mail servers?

Let’s learn how get to know incoming and outgoing mail servers. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i find ot my incoming /outgoing mail servers?

when try to replyl to a craigslst postingI get a e-mail setup wizard about the third page asks me my incoming /outgoing mail servers pop5 http ???


We would need more details, such as what type of mail you are using and what program you are using....

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How do I find out my incoming and outgoing mail servers? When I attemt to send mail Outlook E.pops up and I do

I don't use Outlook Express there fore I can't send the email and have to get out of it and go tomy Yahho mail and mail itfrom there. Thank you for your help! The message asks for my servers and I don't know this.


Check the link below for detailed information and set up instructions for POP mail. Please be adviced...

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Has anyone been able to get their free yahoo mail to work with Thunderbird?

I downloaded the latest version of thunderbird. I also downloaded FreePOPs. I followed all of the instructions, but when I go to get my mail, I get "Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: invalid user/password...


Ypops is free but since yahoo recently changed the pop address and settings it...

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Can I assign SMTP servers to aliases in

I have two email adresses assigned to one mailbox (Gmail). One of the address is on a different domain, and must use another SMTP server. I know how to add alias to for iOS and for Mac, and I also know how to add smtp servers. However...


Hi,Please check this How to set up Mail/Notes on Mac OS X In this article you will get the complete...

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Pop and Smtp mail servers?

I'm trying to connect my 6230 to my hotmail account but i can't seem to get through....does anyone in here know what the incoming and outgoing mail servers for hotmail more


you cannot use pop and smtp in a free hotmail account. but you'd know that if you hadn't skipped the...

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How do I find out what my in/out mail servers are?

Computer crashed. Had to reformat everything. I have Win XP and cant respond to ads in Craigs list, and other stuff. When I get asked on the wizard what my servers for mail are , I do not know.


It will depend on who your internet provider is, as each one has different servers. For example, Gmail...

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What are the mail servers for yahho so that i can set up my mail in outlook?

I want to set up yahoo to get pulled up in my outlook express and i need to know the mail servers so that i can do so..


For yahoo mail you have 2 options If you are using yahoo email you can upgrade to yahoo mail plus to...

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MAC OS 10 Mail Program

Greetings Google Researchers. My question is about Apple Computer's email program "Mail" version 1.2.2, which ships with OS 10. I am using MAC OS 10.2.2. The snag I have run into involves configuring the preferences for "accounts."...


Greetings seattle-ga! Try this: -- open the folder /Library/Scripts/Mail Scripts/ -- double-click...

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I need to find out what my ingoing and outgoing mail servers are.Is there a simple way i don't know about?help

I know absolutely nothing about computers.There is a membership that i need to cancel online but it requires me to put in the name of the mail servers.I have no clue what to put and no idea where to look to find the names of the servers.I have an e-mail...


I have to wonder what kind of membership would require that you identify your mail servers!!!! Sounds...

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My mail alert has dissappeared, letting me know i have mail waitting, how do i get it back?

the icon on my tol bar at bottom is not there on letting me know i have mail now, and not sending it to it, i have to go in check mail b4 i know there is mail anyone know how i can get it back so i can be alerted again i have mail waitting.


go to mail settings and get alertfrom there.If not there try preferences or more options but it should...

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