How long is a short essay suposed to be?

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How long should an essay or research paper be? - Can U Write

How long should an essay or research paper be? ... During an essay test, usually one or two paragraphs will answer short essay questions. For big essay tests, ...

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I'm suposed to do a essay nd speach on a subject and it has to have some cultural aspect to it..?

at first i was planning on doing it on street racing and how there is a culture out there but it wasnt aproved and it's been hard to do you think me doing it on reggaeton and the latino culture count?and i'm suposed to do it on a subject that...


I think it's a great idea, go for it!

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Can anybody explain or simplify this question to me? I am suposed to write an essay about it but i am confused?

Thank you for reading my question. Here is the title: Whether artists choose to obey them or not, the laws of perspective govern the production of visual images. Can you simplifie it or explain it to me. I really appreciate this. Thank you


I wanted to throw in an answer because this is probably the smartest homework question ever. Instead...

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I am writing an essay on protecting endangered species of tigers in Asia.Can anyone help me?

like can anyone give me info or like tips on how to write my essay its suposed to be 2 or more pages


Lots of the protection agencies have good websites. Research "species survival plan" - it...

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I was given the wrong essay, but he blames me!!?

Ok, so I spent 4 hours on Thursday writing an essay on the causes of WW2. So, it was 4 pages long (I have small writing) and I tried really hard. I found it really hard, and I put ALOT of effort into it. Anyway, so Friday came, I gave it to my teacher...


u should tell your mom then your mom will contact your principal and then they would have a metting...

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What's the point of essay tests ?

When I went to a university, I had to take an essay test almost every time I turned around . Being able to successfully take an essay test is the most USELESS ability on the planet ! Nobody needs to take an essay test once they get out of school, and...


Multiple choice and T/F tests are for retards. Man up, kid. Pot and xbox will only get you so far.

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Essay question has too many permutations or am I overthinking this?

For my son’s high school history class, he has been assigned an in-class argument/opinion essay. The teacher ended most of the lecturing this week and has given them time to prepare thesis statements for the essays. Here is where it starts to get complicated...


Depends, is it regular old World History, or is it AP World History. Frankly, it's a delicious assignment...

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Biblical references in SAT essay?

I'm taking the SAT on Oct. 1st, and right now I'm in a preparation class for the test and we're studying on the essay section. I'm planning on asking this question next class, but I was hoping to get some other opinions or information. I was wondering...


it is perfectly fine

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Essay about the culture?

Length: 1200 words Describe what is meant by ‘culture’ and discuss why an understanding of its meaning is important in nursing practice. To answer the question, in the body of your essay you need to: (a) Describe what is meant by the concept...


this sounds like a high school level paper... and not too difficult.. Cultural diversity is a better...

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I need essay help!!!?

Next week I have an important ELA test where I will have two and a half hours to write a business letter and an essay. The business letter topic and the essay topic will not be revealed until test day. I'm not worried about writing the business letter...


Whom can I ask?

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