How long should I wait to contact a prospective employer after the interview?

Let’s learn how long should I wait to contact a prospective employer after the interview. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Give them 1 week & then,definately, call. Emails are easy a phone call shows you have taken the...

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How long should you wait before you contact en employer about your job interview to?

I went on a job interview almost two weeks ago at the time of the interview the manager informed of the start date and everything but i still have not heard anything. should i call them or just wait


call them. u have to call and then if no1 is available ask if they want to take your info down or should...

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You should not wait longer than 2 weeks, to one month. If one month passes, chances they are not interested...

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I have always believed that persistence is key in landing a job. I would follow up with an email soon...

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How long to wait to contact an employer?

I got a call this past Sunday (2/22/09) about me interviewing for a job. They saw my resume online and they called me, and I submitted the resume on Sunday night. They said an interview would be very soon, either this week or next week. The problem is...


They said 'this week or next week'. You want to seem eager and dedicated, but you don't want them thinking...

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Will an employer contact me if they DON'T want to hire me?

I had a job interview last Thursday and I thought it went super well. I thought I really connected with the managers I talked to and they seemed very interested. When I was finished, they gave me an application to fill out and I completed it and returned...


Years ago companies would send out a letter to inform you. Today things are different. If your really...

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Should I follow up after an interview even though my employer says she will contact me first?

It's been a week since I interviewed for an intern position. I was the first potential candidate for this internship. During the interview, my employer said "we're still reviewing other candidates, so we will contact you first if you get the job...


I would wait another week and if there is no reply, then I would wright or, call them. And very nicely...

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How long should you wait on an employer regarding an interview before moving on?

Monday - Had an interview. Went great. Tuesday - Was reached to schedule 2nd interview. Wednesday - Went in for 2nd interview (4 hours of training and hands-on work). Was told several times that I'd be "a great fit" and that I was asking great...


I would wait until Monday. It's been my experience that it is a good idea to wait a few days then make...

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Help! Future employer I applied for has stood me up Twice on my interview. Should I contact Corporate?

Ok here is my situation!! I was head of security for a Furniture store based in Atlanta Ga. This was a family owned and operated store, but do to the economy slugging , the owner told all of the staff he had decided to close down in July.. This is back...


absoloutly contact corperate any buisness head would deffinately want this info and make sure you tell...

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