How long will a UK passport renewal take to arrive?

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Uk passport renewel- How long do they take to arrive?

Hi, I have today sent away my passport renewal form, for a new UK passport. The advertised timescale is around 3 weeks. I was wondering if any of you had recently had a renewal issued and if you could give me an idea of the current timescales? Your help is appreciated! Thank you


That all depends on which country you are currently residing in. I live in Europe and I'm sending my...

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(UK)How long will it take my passport to arrive?

Well i have already had a passport issued to me, but being the kind of person i am i have lost it. I need to completely re-apply for a UK passport. How long will it take for the more


check the site out maybe you can ring them for more info

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How long will my first adult passport take to arrive UK?

Okay, so I'm supposed to be going away to visit family in April and with me turning 18 I need to apply for an adult passport. If I send it off in a few days using Check and Post will it arrive in time? Thanks.


It should take around two weeks so it should be in time.

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How long will a UK passport take to arrive? Plus identity interview question.?

I'm really sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm starting to get worried. I need a passport by 19th September. I've yet to send in my application, due to my countetsignatory being on holiday, and having to wait for both my and my mother's birth...


There's some geezers in Manchester can sort you one quick. Cash only.

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How long will a renewed UK passport take to arrive?

My passport has run out and I need a new one. I know on the official site it says like4-6 weeks but have been told they just higher that to 'cover their own backs' should it be late Plus I know this question is already up here but none of them current...


It only takes 4-6 weeks if you're applying for your first passport, but renewing by post should only...

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How long does it take for a first time uk passport to arrive?

im Sending my application away on march 1st 2011, and im praying it will arrive by the 21st of may 2011 because im going to amsterdam and i will be gutted if it doesnt arrive on time!! Can anyone help please... Thank You


you should be ok; it is supposed to take six weeks including the interview. Make sure you've done everything...

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Got mine in 5 days (overseas renewal) It depends ENTIRELY on when your request gets processed. If it...

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How long does a passport take to arrive in summer time (uk)?

Hi I have recently sent away for a passport with check and send and I got a text saying they have received my application, this is a renewal by the way. I go away on holiday on 22nd more


there have been many questions on here recently in a similar situation . some have already been waiting...

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How long does a UK passport take to arrive once you send it off?

I'm sending off for my first UK passport tomorrow. I'm out for my birthday on the 26th of this month, will I get it back in time? I'm sending it by check and send.


First passport? Have you ever had a passport before, even a child passport? If not, then it will take...

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How long does it take for a UK passport to arrive in summer?

I was supposed to be going on holiday around the 20th of July but it isn't booked yet, and i just realised my passport has run out. I got my application form today and I will go more


May to September is the busiest time , you can order one by fast track, it should arrive within 3 or...

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