How long will it take to get a UK visit visa?

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Visa Application Processing Times

Visa processing times ... This tool will tell you how long it takes to process a visa application in the country ... The tool gives processing times in ...

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Try this site… Or this one

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How long does it take to get a Visa for UK?

My cousin has a greeen card and lives in US permanently. She will need to get a visa for UK (because her passport-nationality requires it). She applied in New York. Has anyone done it in NY? How long does it take? The visa is for a simple tourist visit...


This is from the website of the embassy! How long does it take to get a UK visa? We aim to operate a...

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How long does it take to get a US tourist visa?

I am a Bulgarian living in the UK (near London). Does anyone know how long will it take me to get a tourist visa, if i can get an invitation and whatever is needed from the person that I want to visit there (american citizen). Also how many times do...


An invitation is not required apply at London you must be a legal resident of the UK You will be...

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I am illegal here in the US and getting married to a uk citizen. How can i get a spouse visa to uk?

i came here july of 2003 and was given the chance to stay for 6 months on a tourist visa. A few months after i met a guy and got married a month before my visa has expired. He filed for my petition a week after we got married. But things didn't work...


The United Kingdom does not operate a petition system. You must apply for a settlement visa as spouse...

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Visit Visa for UK to Visit Mother?

How long does it normally take to get a visit visa issued in the Embassy in Manila for a stay less than 6 months in the UK. This is my first visit to the UK (any where out of the more


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Bangladesh Visa For UK Citizen?

I need a visa to travel to Bangladesh for 1month to 6 month visa. I am white British from UK with British Passport. I wish to travel to Bangladesh to visit my partners family and friends. What visa do i need? Can i get a general visa or a tourist visa...


I think you would get almost all the answers to your question if you take the time to go to the High...

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Visa from UK (currently on Student Visa)?

I have a friend who is on a student visa in the UK from Nigeria.He would like to visit me here in the US but he's not sure if he can get a visitor's visa and how long it may take.He would like to come during christmas of this year.If anyone knows please...


Your friend needs to apply for a visa at the consular services at the US Embassy in the UK. The only...

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UK Visit Visa, Help please?

Hello, I am currently in Tunis with my fiancée and we are going to apply for a visit visa to the UK for six months? As my Nan is very ill and we need to get back quickly, How long does the visa take to process? If we mention this would they hurry...


Generally visit visas are valid for 6 months. But they can be issued for longer, for 1,2,5 or 10 years...

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Tier 2 Workers Visa - UK/US/Switzerland?

Hi, I'm wondering if I can apply for a Tier 2 Workers Visa to the UK from Switzerland. I am a US citizen, but I want to visit my fiance's family in Switzerland before I move to England. Can I just apply for the visa in Switzerland and wait there until...


Yes. As far as the UK is concerned you just have to be outside the UK until it's granted. Expect about...

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