How many OS are there at present and what are they?

Let’s learn how many OS are there at present and what are they. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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how many os are there at present and wt are they? | Yahoo ...

how many operating systems are there? and which os is best for ... How many os are there at present and wt are they? ... birthday?wt can i present to ...

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How can i know how many times i installed os on my harddisk?

please clarify my problem how can i know how many os's that i installed on my harddisk from 1st day upto this day and also how many times can i install os on harddisk maximum times


There is no way to tell and there is no limit. Formatting a hard drive and installing an operating system...

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Os on phone what is a os on a phone, what is it and what does it do, how to update on one?

what is an os on a phone? what it is what it can do and how do you up date on one


It's the phone's operating system. How you update depends on the phone you have.

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How many virtualized copies of OS X server can run on a fully spec'd Mac Pro?

In trying to build out a more robust QA environment, which leans heavily upon virtualizing all Windows platforms in an ESXi server for testing, and I'm looking to virtualize OS X as well. Due to Apple's licensing terms, only OS X server is available...


Under light to medium load you can run OS X Server in 4Gb of RAM quite easily so your 64Gb would translate...

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How do I find out how old an inherited iMac is, how much RAM it can handle, and what OS it should run?

AncientImac filter: I searched and didn't find it, I swear. I inheritted an Imac today. 64 meg ram and blue, running OS 9 something. How do I find out how old it is, how much RAM I can stuff in it, and what's the best OS version to run? On further consideration...


First result of Google search for "imac 350."

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In estimate, how many features of UNIX based OS are barely or never used, yet have frequent/permanent resource consumption?

other releases apart from OS X, iOS, Linux, Android and Chrome OS. If possible, name some of them.


I do not know about OS X and iOS. They are as optimal as OSes can get. Never found a useless bit. Coming...

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What is an OEM key and how can I reinstall an OS?

Someone said I could reinstall windows vista from an OEM key. How do I do that? I want to wipe my hard drive an install a new OS, a free one. My computer has viruses and stuff on it and I want to just wipe everything off of it so I was looking for a...


Ok. There'sre really 2 questions here and they are apples and oranges. 1. What is OEM: When you go buy...

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How many apps exist for Windows? For Mac OS X?

Looking for recent/current stats on how many apps are for sale for Windows, and the same info for Mac OS X


Google is the all seer. It knows all and sees all.

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What is an 'OS PROBLEM' and how do l fix it?

This message appears when my kids try to play cdrom Monopoly Junior. It wont work,l think l have installed it correctly but it just aint happening OS PROBLEM You cannot play Monopoly Junior on your OS Microsoft Windows NT workstationversion 5.1 Service...


fredge is correct. However if you have Windows Xp you might still have one last shot to make it work...

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How do i find out what os my blackberry is running on?

hi i have a blackberry curve 8520 and thats got the os 4 when i go options and go about and it would be there when i go on my blackberry curve 3G and i click on options the about icon is not there i think i got the new os but i want to find out which...


options - device - about device versions.

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