How many days can they wait for a paypal on ebay?

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How many days should I wait before I email an eBay seller asking why he/she hasn't shipped my item?

I ordered an item and paid with paypal, its been 4 business days and I'm getting impatient. The seller has 100% positive feedback. Should I email the seller now? Or should I wait more


Four days and you are upset already? Did seller guarantee item would go out right away? Has your payment...

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Generally 7 days unless you specify otherwise. You have to make every effort to contact buyer before...

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Why do i have to wait 21 days for my money on paypal from ebay?

I sold my psp for $100 and when i look at Paypal it says: Complete, funds not yet available. They will be available in 21 days or sooner. Its my first time selling something and i just want to make sure i get my money. Help please?


If they leave you positive feedback on Ebay you will get the money sooner, so send them an email requesting...

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I sold my first item on ebay now my paypal says I need to wait 21 days to receve my money ?

Do I have to Waite 21 days every time I sell an item on ebay or receive a feedback to get my money


No...very unusual...usually it's immediate.

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I ordered an item on eBay and it has been 5 days since I payed for it. How much longer should I wait for it?

It's a small package, and I think it's coming from China. How much longer should I wait?


2 weeks, international shipments take time, no matter how small they are, they need to clear customs...

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Is it reasonable that I wait a few days before I pay on eBay?

I won an item on Sunday night, but didn't pay instantly because I was waiting for PayPal to approve a new bank account. (PayPal is currently linked to an empty bank account I don't use, and my PayPal balance is too low.) Saturday, Sunday and Monday were...


Hi! I am a Top-Rated seller on eBay. eBay's policy is that the buyer has 7 days to pay for an item....

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Z77 motherboard purchase on Ebay or wait a few days?

Hey guys i see a Asus P8Z77-V PRO on Ebay for $275. The guy is in Cali and has more than 1 in hand ready to ship with plenty of positive feedback. Should i buy it from him or wait until the motherboards officially release? When will they?


Why not wait? Are you that impatient? It's not like Ivy Bridge is out anyways. EDIT: Haha, see? Wait...

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The seller has 7 days to respond. If the seller doesn't respond, on the 8th day (but no later than ...

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I have a look at other feed backs this person has given and he has been giving them out a long time after he bought my item. I can't help feel its on purpose because of the lengh of time, more than enough to let me know, because he could have had his...


Thats rotten, ask the person if you can. Maybe they were travelling or moving house...if you can't ask...

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Just set up paypal, how can i pay for item won on ebay straight away?!!help!?

have won an item on ebay and need to pay it today in order to get in time for next weekend when it is needed. i set up a paypal account just now and added my bank account as it said. however you have to wait 2-3 days for it to be verified. so does this...


You can add a debit card to the account as well as your bank account however both need to be verified...

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