How many do species of birds live in the U.K?

Let’s learn how many do species of birds live in the U.K. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Can birds/parrots live outdoors in the UK? (in an aviary)?

i would like to convert a 3ft wide x 5ft long x 6ft high Garden shed into a parrot aviary and need to know if the british climate is ok for birds. i am thinkings maybe budgies, more


Choosing what area of your house your parrot will live in is an important decision for both you and...

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Can two similiar sized species be housed together?

To make my situation clear; first off, I own seven birds- five of which are cockatiels. After about a year of research, I have been looking to add a Senegal parrot to my flock for a long time; thing is, I couldnt find a breeder or one for adoption close...


It seems like you know quite a bit about birds, and you have a steady head on your shoulder regarding...

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Birds and Fishes together?

I have fishes and love birds( this is a common name used in the petshop). Now i am planning to construct a big cage( l x b x h=225 cm X 100 cm X 200 cm) for the birds. My earlier plan was to dedicate it to the birds and make green grass on the flooring...


As long as you get small birds, I think you'll be okay... Small birds like finches and things wont eat...

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Why do tropical birds like parrots live longer than other birds?

When comparing lifespans of birds to birds or sea turtles to tortises. Why do some species lifespans extreamly differ in comparrison to others when they're genis are alike? Moreover, and most important to me, why can't my cat live as long as a small...


Parrots are known to have long lives--some live as long as 80 year, but they are not the only birds...

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Bird species recommendation please?

I am currently having a large avairy (4 x 6 x 3) built, and would really love to keep a pair or trio of a species of large parrot or cockatoo. The aviary shall of course be filled with very large branches (We currently have entire dead trees at the back...


Having an Aviary is a great idea, but you should know that when you have more that a single bird in...

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For Birding Enthusiasts: What's the deal with collecting names of all the birds you've seen?

I am fortunate in that I live in an area where we have over 500 species of indiginous and migratory birds / highest in the nation. We have world famous birding festivals here. I like birds, I really do. They are fun and some are beautiful and fascinating...


There are many levels of birding. To some, a walk in the park on a warm spring afternoon, watching and...

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Birdwatching and species of birds in Cleveland....?

I live in the Cleveland, OH area and I see many birds around...I do not know what species they are and the internet has not been helpful...Can anyone help me recognize these birds when I see them?


These are good sites for identifying birds:

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I have enjoyed feeding birds in my garden for some months now?

and have a variety of species coming for a variety of foods. It's great to see the young birds coming and eating from the table too. The problem - ( a well, some of you wont see this as a problem), is that now I have Buzzard preying on the birds at my...


i didn't see any problem anywhere.. what i know is you are a very generous and kind-hearted person....

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How can I stop birds which have migrated to the UK eating food which I have put out for the indigenous birds?

While feeding the ducks at the weekend, I noticed some birds which migrate here for the summer floating on the pond. I tried to aim my bread at the indigenous species but these immigrant types just piled in and helped themselves. They will probably start...


I think you need to rant and rave on a forum like this about illegal immigrant birds taking the bread...

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They are most likely to be a female species of hummingbirds. Did the the book you have have pictures...

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