How many more subscribers do I need for a partnership?

Let’s learn how many more subscribers do I need for a partnership. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How Many Subscribers Do You Need to Get YouTube Partnership? .-.?

So, I've been getting around 250-300 views per video since last week, and my subscriber base jumped from 20, to a literal 200 since the beginning of this month. I wanted to know how many views and or subs you need to get partnership. I started my channel...


Subscribers are not a factor in getting a partnership that's a common misconception about the partner...

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How many views/subscribers do you need on YouTube to get a Partnership?

I was wondering because I have tried a couple of times on my YouTube. I have over 20,000 views on some of my videos and I have over 80 subscribers so I was just wondering.


Try multiplying those numbers by 10. And make sure that everything that's on your videos is 100% yours...

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about 1000 subscribers

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How many subscribers do i need to become a youtube partner?

so i just started a youtube channel and i currently only have about 16 subscribers and i was wondering how many do i need to apply for partnership. thanks :) more


Views really matters more in getting a partnership. If you ever get to that point, you should apply...

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How can i be part of the youtube partnership program?

me and my cousin make youtube videos. theyre cool! check em out; AriGabyCollab. we have about 12 subscribers and almost 1,000 views on one video. we want to be part of the youtube partnership proogram but we dont know how. my friend had a lot of views...


Here are the qualifications:… and if you want a head...

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I know at this point it's unrealistic, but am I legible for a youtube partnership? So basically, I make piano tutorials, I have live 870 subscribers, like 285,000 views in total. First of all, am I legible for it in the sense that I create original content? Second of all, if I plan to get a partnership...


You Are Definitely Eligable For PartnerShip , heres the criteria you have to meet for partnership -At...

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aahhahaha what alison said

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What do you think the chances of me getting a youtube partnership are?

Hi I have had my youtube channel for about a year and a half and am considering applying for a partnership. I was just wanting to get your opinion on weather or not you think I might get one or if there is something else I need. On my channel I play...


You could definitely become a partner. My only advice is to maybe find someone who does similar videos...

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Do i need to register a kitchen and bathroom fitting business. its a partnership and not sure if i need to reg

Im just starting up a small kitchen and bathroom fitting business, its a partnership and wasnt sure if i need a company number, i know i dont need to register for VAT as i wont be earning the amount needed to register for that. But do i need to register...


Answerer 1 is correct. Also, to avoid some of the pitfalls of partnerships, get a deed of partnership...

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How do I report a partnership loss that I don't need to use?

I had a loss of 3000 from a partnership. I only had 5000 in employment income, so obviously I don't need to use all of my partnership loss. So, when I enter the loss on lines 162/135, do I enter the the amount of the loss or 0? And, if I enter 0, what...


Yes, it can be very frustrating at times, especially if this is the first time you have ever filed out...

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