How much do print models get paid?

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Fashion Photography: How much do teen print models get paid per shoot?

I'm looking into modeling since I need some money for a car. I'm 15 and would love to do modelling. Preferably print.


Teen models get paid at the same scale as adult models and they're often treated equally. It's a difficult...

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The rates aren't set in stone and depend on who the client is. Most print catalogs pay a few hundred...

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The rates vary by certain factors such as the budget, the client, nature of the shoot, etc. Some print...

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How much do models get paid who attend an agency?

I just enrolled in a really good state licensed modeling and talent agency. I will be taking classes and they will send me casting calls, stuff like that. My question is, since I'm a student and i need to learn the ropes of modeling before I'm ready...


Rates would actually depend on the level of experience of the model and popularity plus the product...

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How do catalog models and commercial actors get paid?

Do they get paid through PayPal? I'm 5'5 and slim. I would like to get paid only through paypal.


I have never in my life heard of anyone getting paid 'through paypal'. This would not be legal as you...

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How much do the deal or no deal models get paid?

do they get paid more if they stay on the show longer?


$250 per show according to a friend who auditioned for it

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How much do playgirl/ playboy models get paid to pose for magazines?

???? Is there any deal that is $1 million per magazine photoshoot for playgirl/playboy models?


Playmate or the year gets 100,000 dollars Playmate of the month getr 25,000 dollars Other photo spreads...

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Do any of you know of any BBW pin up sites? Where models get paid to put up sets regularly. ?

Do any of you know of any BBW pin up sites? I'm trying to get into BBW internet modeling and any help would be greatly appriciated.


Find a local photographer in your area that does Boudoir pictures. They are always usually looking for...

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Why do models get paid so much for a couple of pictures?

seriously. i mean they just stand there, i don't get it?


Very very few models get paid a lot "for a couple of pictures". The majority of jobbing models...

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Do models get paid for photo shoots?

I want to become a model in the near future and I was just wondering if you get any personal money when you do photo shoots for companies? Just wondering. Thanks in advance.


It's basically governed by whether or not you are in demand. Models just starting out often have to...

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