How much do you get paid for making a website?

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How much should I get paid when I make a website for someone?

Hi, I am making a site called It is going to be about Interactive Website Desgins for game or mod websites. I want to know how much I should charge somone if I make a interactive website for them per page. I do kinda want it to be alot but not to much so I wont get so much work. Also how do I get people to start paying for the web pages that they buy threw my site? Can someone explane to me how this works? Thank you.


Sounds like you need to do some research. Go and view what other web design companies are charging....

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How much can I get paid for making website?

Is there any range of price that I can charge people for helping them to make website? If yes, please show me what are the range


Well if you haven't checked out this website yet your missing out! http://bestgptsitesaround.blogspot...

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I need a good money making website where I can get paid to do surveys and stuff!! I'm a 13 year old girl!!!??!?

I need 200 dollars in 2 weeks!!! And then only way I'm aloud to do it is if do stuff online! I joined and i joined but the problem with both of them is you wait weeks to get like 15 cents! And on squishycash you have...


hello , The best way to start making cash on the internet are online surveys . Sites need your opinion...

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Is there any way to get paid for making a website?

Is there a way to ask someone to make a website for you, and you do it, and then they pay you? if so, how does it work? where can i do this?


Just put ads on it.

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Am I underpaid as a developer? How much can I get paid as a front-end and back-end web developer?

I just turned 23 and have 3 years of professional experience and an associates in computer science. I didn't pick up my skills in school only, I've been doing web development since middle school. I'm well versed with design patterns, jQuery, strong OOP...


In 1995, as a developer with a couple years experience, I was making exactly what you're making now...

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Making a Website From Nothing, Need Professional Help!?

This is my first time ever creating a website i am starting from nothing i want to know everything i need to know about making a whole website, i have 5 free days to work with so doesn't matter how much work it is i will do it all. I want to make a website...


If it were that easy to make a profit from a website, wouldn't everyone be making profitable websites...

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What website can i go to to get paid for blogging?

well im 14 (15 in january :) ) and i want to b paid for blogging about tips for hair and maybe cloths i have very good experince with hair products ,dying hair,make up,cloths,and making hair accesories :) and no virus credit card stealing websites and...


u can start making a website by just visiting, then sign up for free. then after making...

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Would I need to get any type of permit or license to sell products I paid tax on in a gift basket?

I have purchased health and beauty items (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc). I received a good deal and was thinking about making gift baskets to sell with my leftover items. I did not buy these items as a wholesaler, I paid tax on them. Do I have...


i dont think you need a permit unless its A LOT of stuff

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Are there any websites on the internet where you can upload midi files and get paid?

I'm pretty good at making midi files and writing out music of popular songs, is there a website on the internet that i can sign up for and upload midi files and get paid. I'm under-aged by the way.


midi is almost obsolete, it was used most before as ringtones etc why dont you try ebay ? If people...

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Can i ask an employer how much they are making on each load if i get paid by percentage...?

I'm a truck driver in the oilfield business and I officially recieved my first real paycheck from them this past friday... Now i get paid 25% of the load i deliver to the rigs... Now, on the frieght bill, it says,(for example) The charge for frieght...


If this was in the jop spec. then you couldnt complain about it

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