How much does a home recording studio cost with all the equipment?

Let’s learn how much does a home recording studio cost with all the equipment. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Probably MAC for your criteria. I suggest that you go down to your local pro audio shop and ask their...

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How much is a basic Home Recording studio would cost me?

Okay so, im gonna be the only one using the home recording studio, im gonna be singing the songs, composing, also playing the instruments-piano and guitar. Anyone have their own recording studio? Also what program/software in the computer i can use to...


This should be of help with more info on that.…

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I need some equipment for home recording studio quality, thats portable or has usb attachment...?

I Have a home studio, built right into my desktop computer, but somtimes I need to record Studio quality Audio from a friends house, outside, in the street or at other various locations, but I don't have the means of doing it at the moment. What I need...


Try looking at AltoEdge, they have a quite a few hardware devices designed for high quality recording...

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How to start my own home based music n songs recording studio?wat equipment recording equipt do ii need?

recording music n songs for musicians who will be preforming for my restaurants business restaurants business restauranst business restaurants business more


a mic and some speakers, the musicians will bring their own equipment surely

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Cost of basic recording studio equipment?

How much is all basic recording studio equipment?...and what would be needed if you know


You can started with a basic USB mic - it plugs directly to your computer and you are all set: http...

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What equipment would I need for a home recording studio?

I'm a musician wanting to set up a small recording studio-like area. I have an iMac with GarageBand which I plan to use for edititing. What other equipment would I need to make music and transfer it to my computer? I plan to use vocals, guitar, and a...


Great answer ^ I agree, you definitely wont have everything you need in a week, not a month, and maybe...

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What equipment would you need to start a home recording studio?

I am trying to set up my studio with a pretty good budget. What equipment should I use? What is recommended for my studio?


You will receive the best, most thorough information by obtaining books on the subject from a bookstore...

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What equipment do I need to make a recording studio at home?

I want to build a record studio in my home, not crazy expensive but something reasonably priced. It would be mainly for hip hop and r & b use. What equipment and software (i have a mac book pro) that I would need to get started and have a professional...


Hello Robin, Basically, you need a mic, an audio interface, laptop, cables. This answer contains a really...

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The mixer and the laptop is not enough for your project. I think you should read this answer. It will...

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Basic Home Recording Studio Equipment?

Trying to be straight and to the point here... I want to start recording music and I have no clue on what I need. I want to record some guitar stuff, mainly acoustic, but a bit of rock as well (Dire Straits, Metallica, RCHP). I currently own a MacBook...


There are several programs you can use. You can do it all online at, or you can use...

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