How much does shipping cost from Brazil to the US?

Let’s learn how much does shipping cost from Brazil to the US. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Quora.

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Dear friend, that depends on the weight and volume of your product, type/commodity of your product,...

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Aprox cost for shipping a dog from uk to brazil?

Looking to be moving to brazil, does anyone know what the procedure is and what cost will be roughly, any info would be great thanks x Oh shes a little four month old yorkshire terrier!


we ship our dogs, and their small breeds. Were in the USA, and since its a small dog, it costs about...

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Fed Ex: UPS: DHL:

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How much to send a small flat rate box to Brazil?

Someone from Brazil sent me a message through and asked how much shipping it would cost to mail to Brazil. How much would it cost to send a small flat rate box to Brazil? What is the total I should charge for shipping?


You can go to and quote the price for your flat rate box; the...

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How much is it to send a small package from USA to Brazil?

I'm planning on sending something that's no more than 2 lbs. This is the first time I send internationally, so I'm not really aware of the variety of shipping companies that have affordable rates. For people who have shipped from USA to Brazil, how much...


The best option would be to use a site like At ShippingEasy you can compare the cost...

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How are e-commerce retailers shipping products to South America in a cost effective way?

I have been wanting to sell and ship products to South America (primarily Brazil) but something that is holding me back is shipping cost. When consulting with say FedEx or UPS, the quote is usually more than a hundred bucks per unit that I want to get...


There is some under-the-hood things in the logistics industry. The over $100 quote is "retail price...

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Marginal cost in Microeconomics ?

im desperately trying to figure this problem out in preparation for an exam in microeconomics. please help anyone??????? Ull be a savior Wall Street Journal, October 22, 2007 The cost of shipping raw materials across the world’s oceans has reached...


1) marginal cost will increase because the marginal cost involves the 'overhead' that the firm pays...

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Shipping rates from brazil to new york?

I am trying to get a rough estimate on the cost of shipping a TEU container of shoes from Santos(Brazil) to NYC and Montreal for educational purposes only.


you should go to your local post office and ask they will probably want to know the weight of the box...

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Shipping Packages to Other Countries?

I have a weird question would it cost both my friend and I for shipping packages? I mean if my friend from India shipped me a package would it cost me too? because she said she sent one from India to Brazil and her friend had to whip out 130 dollars...


Depends on what you are shipping. If your friend buys and sends you a bunch of clothes and shoes or...

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Ebay shipping question?

Is there a way you can add international shipping to an auction after it has begun? My brother is selling something on Ebay and someone from Brazil wants to bid, but he doesn't know how to add the additional cost if he wins. Thank you for your answers...


You should read the rules before you bid

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