How much for a NYS drivers License?

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How much is it to renew a NYS drivers license and also get the enhanced license?

I have a Class E license that is up for renewal, but I want to get the enhanced license so the family can go to Niagra Falls. Can anyone tell me how much the UPDATED price is to renew with enhanced. (Clinton County, NY)


Go to this link:… Start the process of applying for...

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How long must i wait to take my drivers test for my license after getting my permit in NYS?

I passed my permit today , so im going to get the actual card in two weeks in the mail. But how long do i have to wait to take driving lessons? Can i take them right away after getting the permit? And how long do i need to wait to take the driving test...


call them on the pone

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Depending on your age, and whether you are applying for a junior operator or full-license permit in...

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Will I need to re-take the drivers test to get an original NYS license even though I have had a PA license for 8 years?

Ive had my PA drivers license for 8 years. I just moved to NY and want to exchange it for a NY license. I know that the license being exchanged must have been issued at least 6 months prior to exchanging for a NY license. I just renewed my PA license...


I don't know what the laws are in New York. I know that when I moved from PA to Ohio, I had to take...

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Can I renew my NYS drivers license in another state?

Hi all I am currently living in NJ, its just short term, helping out family here, so my permanent residence is in NY. I need to renew my license but have no way of getting to NY before it expires. Can I renew my NYS drivers license in NJ without transferring...


in a word--NO--you can get NJ license then move back and get NY license though

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Enhanced drivers license in NYS?

I got my enhanced driver's license in the mail 2 weeks ago, and have to keep it in a radio-protective package. Aren't I supposed to receive TWO license cards? If anybody lives in NYS and knows, PLEASE help me out! I want another license to keep in my...


No only one licenses, however you may be thinking of a licenses and a state ID card.

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New York resident with NYS Permit getting a Florida Drivers License and driving in NY?

Hello, I'm a 17-year-old NYS resident who has a NYS learners permit. My family owns an apartment in Florida which we travel to many times a year. In New York, in order to more


Legally, you are only allowed to get a license in your home state (unless you aren't a US resident)...

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Can you drive outside of NYS with a d class drivers license at 17?

I was wonder if when I get my full d class drivers license at 17 ( I took driver's Ed) can I drive out of state? And what about canada?


hey you have the same name as me lol i don't know tommy i just wanned to let you know we have the same...

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In NYS do you need a drivers license to get a motorcycle permit?

i live in New York and im turning 16 soon and i was wondering if i can just go and take my motorcycle permit test when i turn 16 or do i have to wait until i get my actual drivers license...


You need a drivers license in ANY state to ride a motorcycle.

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Where can I renew my Drivers License in NYS?

I have to renew my license and my license has been expired for about a week. I want to renew it at the DMV because I need to get a new picture (mine is from when I was 16 and hardly more


You can go to any NYS DMV. Just be sure to bring the old license and another form of ID with you (preferably...

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