How much gold can I bring into the US from another country?

Let’s learn how much gold can I bring into the US from another country. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How much gold can you bring into the US airport from a different country like Honduras, or Nicaragua?

In 2009 (current regulations) I was wondering what is the legal max weight of personal Gold jewelery a individual can bring into a US Airport in order to not pay any taxes on it, and if the karat of the gold plays a variable, referring to 14k, 18k, 22k in the amount that can be brought in, or the value of the peaces. What documents need to be filled out and will I have a problem taking that Jewelery out of the Central American country what documents would I have to fill out there. What are the risk...


You may bring in any amount, but you will have to pay customs duty on any item(s) brought in that exceed...

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How much gold can you bring into US airport from a different country?

well i have to kno this for will you please tell me how much?i want to kno how much you can bring in without payin extra money or anything.thnx


just convert the gold into a jewelery piece so you don't have to pay any tax what so ever & when...

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You might want to post your question on the Canadian forum. Here is a link for Canadian Customs: http...

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I care too much about what people think of my country Iran, is that normal? Should I not care?

I've written this article and have done a lot of research to complete it, so is that normal if I want more people to read it? I believe that if you spend 10 minutes reading this essay, you will be better informed than if you listen to a lifetime's worth...


Americans have been brainwashed for years, they have been sold the belief they are better than God....

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How much personal gold jewellery am I allowed to bring into the UK from abroad?

I recently inherited quite a bit of gold jewellery from a family member in Zimbabwe and I would like to bring it back to the UK with me. What are the rules and regulations on bringing gold jewellery into the country and what is the maximum amount I am...


The pages you need are here Buying or bringing in goods from abroad. As far as I can see you can bring...

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How can I know I'm buying real gold?

My vision was not to buy gold in the states rather some middle eastern country where tax is not included. Bring it back home in a chain. Buying gold in bullions is like getting screwed over twice. One time paying for tax, the other one paying for a print...


The best way is to use a chart that has the gold on it measure the coin that you are buying & see...

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What are the laws of importing gold in the U.S.?

Want to bring in gold from another country that is not on the banned country list. Can pick it up for a decent price, am asking about laws, duty, and limits. Any help would be great as I am having trouble finding out what is legal.


over $10,000 in value requires a bit of paperwork, answer depends on how much your are planning to carry...

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Once there was a king who took all the gold in his land and put it into 8 bags. he made sure that each bag?

weighed exactly the same amount. The king then chose the 8 people in his country whom he trusted most, and gave a bag of gold to each of them to keep safe. On special occasions he asked them to bring the bags back so he could look at them. one day the...


weigh 3 in one and 3 in the other: if they are equal: weigh each of the other 2 in one pan each. One...

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