How much is a Train ticket From Osaka to Tokyo?

Let’s learn how much is a Train ticket From Osaka to Tokyo. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Guide to Japanese train tickets and rail passes

Guide to Japanese Train Tickets. Below is a list of the various railway tickets available in Japan: ... Tokyo Kyoto Osaka Nara Yokohama Hiroshima Kamakura Kobe Nagoya

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What train ticket to buy to see Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Fuji-Q Park, Kyoto and Osaka (and back to Tokyo)?

Hi all, I'm going to Japan for a 10 day trip and would like tips on train/transportation tickets to visit the places above. Thanks!


You should get a 7 day Japan Rail Pass. The Japan Rail Pass, allows unlimited travel on almost all JR...

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How to buy Bullet train (Shinkansen) ticket??

Hi, I'd like to know how to buy bullet ticket from Osaka to Tokyo? Can you guide me step by step? We've 3 person altogether, can we sit together? How to know which door should i stand when the train arrive?? How much is the fare from Osaka to Tokyo?...


i been to Tokyo and theres ticket machines or whatever and touch English and it will be in English touch...

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Train ride from Tokyo to Osaka, Japan?

I'm trying to figure out how long a train from Tokyo to Osaka will take approximately. Basically if I arrive in Tokyo at about 1:00 p.m. I'm trying to see what time I would arrive in Osaka


Tokyo and Osaka are connected with each other by the JR Tokaido Shinkansen. Nozomi trains require about...

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How Much Would A Train From Tokyo to Fukui Cost, And How Much From Osaka to Fukui.. READ DETAILS.?

Would it be cheapest to go from Narita Airport (Tokyo) to Fukui, or go from Tokyo to Osaka via plane, and then osaka to fukui on a train. Cheapest and price approx. WEBSITES IF YOU HAVE THEM <3


if you can go from Natita to Komatu via plane.(ANA) London 19:35 - Narita 15:20 Narita 19:30 - Komatu...

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Staying 7 Days in Tokyo Only - To purchase what type of Train ticket is the most economy.?

Hi, I am traveling with my wife and 2 kids and intend to staying 7 Days in Tokyo City Only - Tried finding all info on train service on the most cost effective ways without success. Please advise what type of Train ticket to purchase will be the most...


here's the most helpful commuting tool; it will tell you how long you will travel and how much it will...

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Which type of train ticket is convenience for me to travel around Tokyo?

I will be in Tokyo for 6 days. I will be arrive and depart at Haneda Airport. I will only travel around Tokyo on Metro Line and Toei Line. But, I also will be travel on 1) Yamanote Line (Harajuku->Shinjuku and Asakusa->Komagome through Metro Line...


I think it's best to buy a single ticket every time you take a train. You won't waste any money in that...

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What is the best way to travel in tokyo for 6 days, Kyuto 3 days, and Osaka 2 days? rail pass or ticket?

I live in Portland, OR. My friend and I plan to visit Japan in June. We will stay in Tokyo 6 days, and then move to Kyoto 3 days, and finish our trip in Osaka for 2 days. Anybody can recommend us about our trip? Thank you. :)


I think you should buy Japan rail pass,and use when you leave for kyoto. In Kyoto, you should least...

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Hi I'm from Hawaii,I'm going to Osaka 4/28 to 5/6 on Golden week. how do I buy train tickets to Tokyo?

Hi everyone I'm from Hawaii and I'm traveling to Osaka for the first time on Golden Week OMG haha!! Because its GW friends told me to buy a reserved round trip on the Shinkansen now, but I've been searching online and I know I can't buy a Nozomi ticket...


Golden Week is one of the hardest times to get Shinkansen tickets in Japan. And you can't reserve it...

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The most cheapest ticket tokyo to bangkok or osaka to bangkok, ITS VERY URGENT, HELP ME PLEASE!!!!?

plesase i need help to find the most cheapest ticket tokyo to bangkok, one way as well!


These people speak english and maybe even thai: I always use http://www.ab...

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