How much labor would cost to put a engine in a f150 truck?

Let’s learn how much labor would cost to put a engine in a f150 truck. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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It all depends on where you go. Every shop is different. You should go to different shops and get estimates...

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Would I be able to buy a brand new Ford Ecoboost engine and put it in an older Ford F150 truck?

I want a new (new to me, not new as in brand new) truck. I want a Ford F150 crew cab with a 6.5ft bed. The newer ones are way out of my price range, as this is going to be my first car that I bought myself. There are dozens of nice Ford F150's on craigslist...


It wouldn't be financially feasible. Just a the engine itself runs $8k or so. You'd have to to get a...

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How much does it cost to put a new engine in an old toyota truck?

I already have the engine i just need it installed. About how much would something like that cost? it's an 82 toyota truck, the engine is r22.


If its a direct swap around $300- $500. If its a different engine as much as $1300.

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How much would it cost to swap out my F150 4.6L 3V engine and put in the new 5.0L coyote?

Just wondering how much would it cost, the crate engine is 6999$ and would be able to use the existing transmission.


the engines still relatively new. wait another few more months or so. so go faster people can find out...

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How much would it cost to put a Chevy 350 transmission and 350 Chevy engine in a 1963 Impala including labor?

Before you call me lazy, let me just say that I DO NOT have tools or the training required to do this. It has a 283 and a powerglide so its a thirsty dog, and I'd like to kick to few more horses into it very cheaply. We're assuming I also will keep my...


If the body and interior are still original and the numbers on the transmission and engine prove to...

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Have 96' f150 put an engine from an 01' f150 in in. Changed sensors and all that. Trucks hard to start now.?

I've done a full tune up. The engine ran great in the truck I pulled it from. Now it takes a a few tries for it to fire up. Once started it runs like any v6 would... Thanks for the help


Something with the timing. 89% of the time timing is to blame for bad engine starts or no engine starts...

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How much would it cost to have a engine and trans.remove and replaced.I have the longblock and reman. trans.?

I have a 1995 ford f150 with a 5.0L engine and auto transmission. I want to know about how much it is gonna cost to have engine and transmission removed from truck and replaced with a longblock and rebuilt transmission that I have already got. Of course...


This is a hard question to answer. Allot of it depends on where you live, the cost of living affects...

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Can i Buy a f150 ecoboost engine if so where?

So i have a truck that i going put a new engine in was curious if i could just get a f150 EcoBoost engine if so where can i buy one and how much will it cost???


auto wrecker $2500

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Help...what engine is the best choice to put in a used 98 Durango/SLT? Is it worth fixing?

I have 3 choices Engine with 23,000 miles for $1,800 -1 year warranty Engine with 70,000 miles for $1,450 - 1 year warranty Engine with 75,000 miles for $1,250 -6 month warranty the labor is going to cost me about 1,125 dollars I have already put 3,...


My answer would depend on the size of the three motors referenced. If any of them are 360 cu. in. engines...

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What is the best engine to put in a 98 Honda Civic that is automatic and how much would it cost?

I don't want to change it to stick so I was just wondering what would be the best engine to swap it and how much would it cost for the complete engine and labor. I'm thinking that the H22 prelude engine would do.


Engines are not automatic or manual. That would be the transmission. The best engine to put in your...

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