How much lighting do I need for my 55-gallon saltwater tank?

Let’s learn how much lighting do I need for my 55-gallon saltwater tank. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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It really depend on your tank's length. I recommend AquaLife saltwater T5HO. I got my freshwater version...

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Power Compact fluorescents or a Metal Halides will probably be just fine. You can spend as much as ...

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Requirements for T-5 Lighting in saltwater tank?

I have a 20 gallon saltwater tank that I want to have the T-5 lighting for. I have the standard canopy and light fixture you generally get when first buying a 20 gallon tank. I was just wondering, can I go buy the T-5 bulb and put it in my standard hood...


If your talking about a T-8 as the "standard" canopy then no. T-5 bulbs have a miniature bi...

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Need help with which size tank for saltwater!?

Alright so I have been messing around with freshwater for a while now and I think I'm ready for a saltwater tank. Here are my options: I have got a friend who will sell me a 45 gallon tank with filter,heater and standard lighting for 70$, or I can just...


45 gallons would give you more options fish wise a 20 gallon does not . Look around for live rock and...

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35 gallon saltwater tank...NEED HELP!!!?

i know a saltwater tank should be 55 gal +...anyways here is my setup, i want to know if im missing anything? how many lbs of sand should i put in? -35 gallon octagon tank -salt -40 lbs live rock -hydrometer -tap water conditioner -2 power heads -reverse...


saltwater tanks don't really have to be 55 gallons... there are people who have 12 gallon nano cubes...

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Starting a saltwater aquarium please help me.?

Hi, I'm looking into starting a aquarium with my dad. I want to have a salt water aquarium with live rock and fish and coral. I've never had a saltwater tank before only fresh water. I had very good success with my fresh water tanks. But I am looking...


Buy the book "The New Marine Aquarium". It has everything you need and more.

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Need Help What to buy and setting up my New 125 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium?

I just bought a 125 gallon oceanic aquarium from a guy locally. With the purchase he gave me A LOT of stuff. I have never done saltwater and think that I am going to try it this time. I would like to do a Saltwater Reef Tank. With my purchase, he gave...


Getting a good book is a great start jumping right into a reef tank is not.I would start with a fish...

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Freshwater to Saltwater? Please Read! Help!?

I am going to convert my freshwater tank (15 gallons) into a saltwater tank. I have read up on how to do so however I am still skeptical about how to go about it. I am new to saltwater, however I have had freshwater tanks for years. 1. I have a bio-wheel...


You can't keep clowns in your tank, or as a beginner. They need to be in a mated pair. They need a ...

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Best bulb for a saltwater tank with anemone?

Hello. I currently have a 29 gallon Saltwater setup. As a light, I have a Power Glo High Intensity Aquarium Lamp 18000K, 20W (T-8) I wanted to know if this is the best lighting for my green bubble tip anemone? The anemone is doing great. In fact it seems...


you will have to spend about 200$ on new high intensity lighting, the fixture you have is not acceptable...

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Can you give me your opinion on my saltwater tank/aquarium?

Hello! I have been planning my saltwater tank and would like your opinions on it. I have several points that I'd like to cover. Any information you can offer, I would be grateful for. If you could bear with me while I cover the specifications of my tank...


I honestly do not know much about salt water, but I do want to tell you I am very impressed. It sounds...

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