How much should I charge for graphic design freelancing?

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How much do I charge for Graphic Design Freelancing?

I just got my first real freelancing job. I have to do some magazine advertisments and mail fliers and inserts? Could anyone tell me how much they charge? A ballpark figure?


do it based on the time that you spend, tell them you want some money up front and then count your time...

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How much to charge for web design?

I just graduated college in May with a degree is graphic design and photography. I have been unable to find a full time job so I have been freelancing for people that I know. I was just approached and asked to do a logo and website for a small consulting...


Don't start too high you need to build your portfolio to a degree where you can start charging the big...

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How much should I charge to design a Web site?

How much should I charge per hour for Web design services when I'm not a Real Designer? Two acquaintances have approached me about building Web sites for their small businesses. They are HTML-illiterate and design-impaired. One currently has a Web site...


Lots of disparate numbers here, but mildred-pitt has it. In the US, a professional designer with reasonable...

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I have a degree in Art with a concentration in graphic design. How much do I charge an acquaintance for design

I worked in the professional field of graphic design for 2 years. We charged $15 an hour I believe. I got out of that job and do something completely different. I've started doing photography on the side. A girl from high school (8 years ago) wants me...


$15 an hour is dirt cheap. In an agency setting, I was billed out at between $75 and $150 per hour ...

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What do you charge for website design?

I'm doing some market research for website design and just wanted to get an idea of what other people or companies in the industry charge for web design services. Please, no speculation. If you do sites, what do you charge? If you had a site done, what...


I am sorry, but your question and details are much too vague to give specific details. For example:...

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How much should I charge for turning over the original artwork for a print design?

Please note that I am not asking how much to charge for the entire design, only the additional fee for ownership of the original artwork. Also, my question pertains to design intended for print. Which is more valuable than web images because multiple...


Okay so I just asked my best friend who is a graphic designer, and she agrees that it's really hard...

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How much would you charge for diverse graphic design related jobs for startup company?

I'm in the middle of working for my friends startup. So far I've been involved in plenty things. I wonder how much would someone charge for these jobs since I have no clue. SOme of the more important things I did was: - created and designed the entire...


Thanks for the ask. As Matt Ford has suggested, I'd ask for an equity stake. It's not out of your limits...

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Im a student and have been approached to design a website, (just design, no upload!) how much should i charge?

Im based in Esperance in Western Asutralia i just need a rough idea how much to charge, dont want to over charge or under! But i reckon it willbe to design a logo and a general layout for a 5 page spread. Please help!


Check the hours spend to impliment the whole thing then multiply that by what u are worth per hour then...

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How much should i charge for web design?

I'm freelance web designer. how much should I charge for simple 5 pages web design? do i charge per page or per hour? How should I charge for design flash intro and flash website with basic action scripts? will the price be the same for south east asia...


I have been a webdesigner for 5 years and still dont know exactly what to charge, if you are a big company...

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How much you charge to design a web site? Should you charge a flat fee or hourly?

I am thinking about getting into web site design for some local clients. The only thing, I'm not sure how much to charge them. What is the going rate? Do you charge a flat fee more


Usually it's a flat rate. Going hourly really doesn't work for designing cause it really doesnt take...

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