How much would I make being a digital artist?

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How Much Do Artists Earn? – Rap Rehab

Home / Brain Food / How Much Do Artists Earn? ... critics argue that the digital revolution is helping artists make more money than they could ... to be fair, it is ...

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How much would a hair dresser/stylist, nail artist and makeup artist make and is it possible to do all three?

Is it possible to work at a salon on different day's as a hair stylist/hair dresser, nail artist and makeup artist? Or say you might do all 3 on 1 day depending on who makes what appointments? Is it possible to study all of that ant uni or whatever and...


beautician:) i want to do something like that but mostly a masseuse .

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If I where to become a HAIRDRESSER AND MAKE UP ARTIST (NOT BEAUTICIAN) How much money roughly would I earn?

Say I qualified in hair dressing/styling and started up my career working somewhere nice, While still in uni/tafe learning to become a make up artist, once I get out and gain a few years experience apply for a job at a really prestigious place (Oscar...


This field is tough, but can be lucrative, your earning potential is best when you have your own shop...

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How much does a cosmetic makeup artist make?

i mean like how much would a makeup artist make working in a salon that does hair, nails, etc. do they make like $10 per hour or $15 dollars an hour?? please don't answer with an "i don't know"


cosmetologists aren't usually payed by the hour, although some salons give you that choice. you are...

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How much (average) for make-up artist?

I would like to hire a make-up artist to come to the reception hall before the ceremony and do my make-up professionally for me. How much would it cost? We are not rich and are not more


To have a makeup artist come to you is much more costly. I was quoted $100 to $150 for that service...

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How much does a culinary artist make?

Hey, I'm a junior in highschool looking for a major. I have a spanish and italian backround so you could just imagine how much effort is put into making meals in my family! Lately I've been looking into the culinary arts or culinary technology in good...


Well I have worked in this field for over 45 years so I guess you could call me "experienced."...

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How much does a make-up artist and a textile designer make per month?

Is it possible for a beginner make-up artist or a beginner textile designer to earn at least 20000rs.average per month?


18 grand yearly

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How much do make up artist usually make?

Like in mac, macys wherever they do make up i know each place pays diffrently but like around how much thanks(:


Go to online and search the profession and it will show you wages in the country ad states plus...

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How much could i earn as a mobile hairdresser and make artist?

Could anyone tell me how much I could earn a year, as a mobile make artist and hairdresser please thanks


It all depends how many clients you can get and how much you can charge where you live. You have to...

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How much do makeup artist make for a living?

how much money do they make if they work somewhere like sephora with a side job? like waitressing? and how long does it take to make A LOT of money once you've been experienced with it?


It depends, and no you don't make a lot of money, even emmy award winning makeup artists are still fairly...

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