How much would a repair cost for a camcorder?

Let’s learn how much would a repair cost for a camcorder. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Sony camcorder has E:61:10 error how much does it cost to repair?

I know that it has to do with the lenses and the zoom will not work anymore, how much would it cost to fix this error?


Well I don't know about camcorders but I had a photo camera that had a similar problem 2 years ago and...

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well if it's passed warranty, then it will probably cost more than it's worth.

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Worth repairing a 7-year old camcorder?

I have a 7-year old Sony DCR-PC100E miniDV camcorder that failed to worked due to a broken flex cable. If I were to bring it to the Sony repair shop, minimum service charge is S$80+ and that is not including the cost of the replacement parts which I...


Don't even bother. You will end up paying for the basic service only to be told that the spare parts...

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A question about changing an LCD screen on a Canon Camcorder?

About three weeks ago I accidentally cracked the LCD screen on Canon Vixia HF-R100 camcorder. I sent it to a Canon repair facility and Canon told me It was going to cost $264.45 to fix it,. Now, seeing as the camera was purchased for just over $300 this...


I had an canon hv40 at on point and the firewire port went down on it. Same deal parts are out there...

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JVC digital camcorder fault? Anyone had the same?

My camcorder started palying up. It seems to think the lens cap is on when it clearly is off. Sometimes decides it wants to work but sometime doesn't. I can't rely on it. Took it to Jessops and the bloke told me it will cost £220 to repair, you...


Hi. I have the 130U and mine does the same thing unless it is in a well lit room when I power it on...

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I have a samsung camcorder that'll play ok, but when i try to record, a flashing sign PROTECTION appears.?

it's a basic mini dv camcorder, no memory card, DP-101, I have taken it to a camera shop and they have advised me that it will cost anything up to £150 to repair the machine. is there anyway I can remove this myself without having to pay this extortion...


the proection sign is either because of the camcorder thinking the tape is protected or because the...

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How much does a bus seat cost to repair?

Recently my son received a bus citation for allegedly tearing an inch long tear in the seat on the bus. When I was contacted by the principal by phone, he said I would be receiving photos of the damage and an estimate for repair. I rode the bus at school...


Just make them put some duct tape over the tear like they would do had he not been caught. Common sense...

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Office supplies were sold by J's Appliance Repair at cost to another repair shop, with cash received.?

Office supplies were sold by J's Appliance Repair at cost to another repair shop, with cash received. Which of the following entries for J's Appliance Repair records this transaction? a.Office Supplies, debit; Cash, credit b.Office Supplies, debit; Accounts...


It would be A. The reason for this is simple: The Office Supplies are being sold which results in a...

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Insurance Settlement Check More than cost of repair?

My repair costs is far less than my insurance settlement check. I have a lienholder on the check as well. They stated that I will have to pay my duductible to the repair shop and send in the estimate and work order. Do i still have to pay that deductible...


Request the insurance company reissue the check payable to the shop of your choice and yourself. The...

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How much would it cost to repair a transmission leak?

I have a crystler town n country with a transmission leak on the master seal... my friend told me he got an estimate from a friend for $1500 to repair it but that is more then the car is worth, how much would it cost to get the leak fixed if i did it...


you've answered your own question. i wish i had friends like yours. a whole rebuild kit won't cost ...

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