How old is it to become a fashion male model?

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You need to live in the Pacific Northwest and get into an agency. Nordstrom books most of their models...

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How can I become a high fashion runway model?

I've always been interested in becoming a high fashion runway model. Lately, I've wanted to become a victoria secret model too. But what do I need to have to become a model? What modeling agency should I try out to go into? Here is some information on...


the first step to becoming a model is take head shots of yourself. Contact a modeling agency like Ford...

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How do I become a fashion model?

Just for fashion. I don't want to get naked play playboy. I want to model clothes with higher brand names on h&m, Zara, forever 21. Become a model for them and at least make it on more


Apply for modelling. They usually give you cues on what characteristics they need. Other way is be famous...

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How do I become a model for Japanese fashion magazines?

My dream is to be a Japanese fashion magazine model. Popsister, Jelly, Vivi, CanCam just to name a few. I would do anything to make that happen! Study Japanese religiously etc. I am Chinese in origin but I know there are Chinese girls currently modelling...


You are not going to become a model in Japan i am afraid. They are already talented locals there. How...

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How tall do you have to be to become a plus size model or high fashion model?

I am 13 and 5 7 and a half and i really want to become a model but i now i am still growing but what is the ideal height for a agency like ford models or elite modeling?


To become a plus size model, you have to have a minimum height of 5'8 in most places. This is together...

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How can you become a fashion designer or model?

I'm only in 6th grade, but I have a knack for fashion. I've always wanted to be a fashion designer or model, and now's the time to make my dream come true. Please tell more


Yes, you are young, but that's good, it gives you plenty of time to learn some of the skills you need...

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How to "train" to become a model & fashion designer, im 13 ?

Okay. Well train isn't really the right word. Kind of like.. get ready I guess? What can I do to look more like a model and how can I start getting more into fashion?? Haha. I mean I really want this one day. I love makeup, hair, clothes, etc.. so much...


Pick one and go for it. Would you rather design the clothes, hair and makeup or be a walking hanger...

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I think men in thier 30s are sexy and intelligent. We see a lot of older looking models, sure they have...

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To become a male fashion model, move to New York City (the best fashion city), create a portfolio, get...

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How can I become a model for a retail store, or display fashion clothing on a magazine?

Does anyone know any legit web-sites, where I can apply or search for information on retail stores that want models, to model their store clothes. How do I even begin with this career? I don't want to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to an agency...


I would go directly to their customer service and ask to speak with someone in human resources or just...

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