How safe is Mombasa, Kenya?

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Mombasa: Health & Safety - TripAdvisor

... Before you visit Mombasa, ... Mombasa: Health & Safety Save Article; Watch Articles. ... Topics include Dining Scene, Kenya: ...

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What is the lifestyle in Mombasa, Kenya like? How relaxed is it?

How would someone feel if he/she moved from Jakarta, Indonesia to Mombasa, Kenya?


I dont know about Indonesia but i know that is she/he came to mombasa,kenya will enjoy a lot because...

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Some sparsely populated rural areas of Kenya, principally in the North, experience recurrent, localized...

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How is living and studying in Kenya Mombasa?

Hey guys, I was just wondering how kenya is if anybody been there of live there at the moment, I'm 18 at the moment turing 19 on August, I have BETEC in Health and social care but more


I cannot help you, I hae never been to Kenya, but I have found some links for you http://www.ratemystudyabroad...

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How can i ship my motorbike from mumbai to mombasa(kenya) can anyone tell me the price estimation?

if anyone knows how this stuff works,please tell me. i got full bike records under my name and i used the vehicle already


Contact some shiipping agents for quotes: http://www.autocarshippers...

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I dont know if i like mombasa kenya?

hi our family is from mombasa kenya and i am 16 years old. i have never been to kenya and dont know whats it like. me and my mom are planning to go there next year, but im really scared, i live in vancouver.. i always though that mombasa kenya, everyone...


Sure it is. I can assure you.

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you will find it in

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Is it legal to bring sand back from kenya, mombasa?

I'm going to kenya,mombasa in may, and really want to bring some sand back as a souvenir for myself and a few friends, im planning on taking glass test tubes/viles with me and filling them, is that legal? to then bring them back in my luggage? or not...


There is nothing illegal about it. You should consider the permits of the country you're flying back...

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Has any person purchased a property in mtwapa mombasa kenya?

i would be interested in talking to any person who has purchased an apartment or a house in mtwapa, or shanzu in mombasa kenya, for some advice


Hi, I bought my house near Mtwapa with an agent in Mombasa. You may contact them for advise and anything...

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