How should I ask a company for sponsorship?

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When i ask a company for sponsorship, what should i ask for them to pay me?

i want to ask a well-known company for a chance to use my car for advertisement, like put a sticker on the side with their name. what should i ask to be paid?


Well as you think it is a good idea you must have some revenue figure in mind so ask for that. Its very...

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How to ask your company for charity sponsorship?

This summer I am undertaking an 80km cycle to raise money for Temple Street Children’s Hospital. After asking all of my colleagues at work to sponsor me, my boss said that I had missed an opportunity as I should have asked the company to sponsor...


Actually, many company's have a blanket policy NOT to do these kinds of sponsorships - they prefer to...

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How do i ask a company for sponsorship?

I drag race and i am trying to wonder what the best way about asking a company for a possible monetary sponsorship is.


Call them and get an appointment with a decision maker.

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I've been on both sides of the sponsorship equation. I worked for a national charity for a while, and...

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What kind of companies should i ask for sponsorship to help me fund my volunteer trip to Tamil Nadu, India?

I need to raise £1500 and was looking to ask a company for sponsorship, but don't know what types of companies to ask. if you know could you give me any examples.


Don't bother since you are not a registered nonprofit with a tax exempt number. Companies need that...

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What is the best thing to do for sponsorship in racing?

I am looking for sponsorship in the UK for the 2012 season, I don't know how to do it or who to ask like company wise, can anyone help out?? Thanks


Simple answer is to win races

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Please help! Master of Microbiology - greencard/visa sponsorship?

Hi, im from Australia and am going to do a Bachelor of Science with a major in Microbiology and then after that, a Master of Microbiology. What i want to ask is: if i have a Master of Microbiolog, do I have a good chance of getting a green card/visa...


A chance yes, is it going to be easy: no. With a masters an employer can sponsor you for a work visa...

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I want to ask about a company agreement?

Hello, does anybody knows something about a company named "Grafisales"? They offered me a job as a Marketing Director, and even sent me a printed document with the folllowing text: 3D Grafisales Limitedis pleased to offer you the position of...


They look legit.…

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Do I ask my current company for a raise? Or leave all together?

Do I ask for a raise with my current company while being pursued by another company? Or do I jump ship all together? (More details after the jump) In March of this year I started at a tech start-up as a software developer. I really like my team and what...


If you are both being paid well below market AND have a compelling financial reason other than "...

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My company is faltering financially. Do I still ask for a raise?

I'm a mid-level thing-maker at a small company (details left intentionally vague to protect the guilty). It was recently revealed at a company meeting that we're faltering financially due to management issues. We'll weather this storm, but it'll take...


I would trust management as far as I could throw them (which is to say: not very far). Of course they...

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