How should I replace the speakers in my car?

Let’s learn how should I replace the speakers in my car. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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The choice in automotive speakers is as vast as the choice you have in cars. Depending on the make,...

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How about to replace car speakers?

My car is 2007 Toyota Rav4, I would like to replace the factory installed speakers, which don't sound good. I will install Polk Audio DB5251 for front speakers and JL VR525 CSI for rare speakers, the question is: Do I have to get another amplifier to...


You can just hook them up to the HU. Do you already have an amp in the vehicle, powering something else...

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How can I replace my speakers in my car?

I have an 98 Oldsmobile Cutlass and id like to replace the front two speakers. The front two are 4x6s, but i bought two 6.5 speakers. How can I make them fit? Ive heard from a couple people that I could make custom holders to replace the ones in the...


Easy, return the 6.5s and get 4x6s and with the odd shape of the 4x6 and the cutout, buying new speaker...

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How hard is it to replace a car's speakers?

I have an 05 Ford Escape, and being the audiophile I am, I'd like to replace the factory speakers with nicer, better sounding ones. I'd like to avoid the cost of having them installed, however, so how hard is it to manually install car speakers? I have...


If you're using stock amplification there shouldn't be much to it. I don't know much about ford's newer...

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Can somebody tell me how to replace rear speakers in my car?

can somebody please tell me or find me a guide on how to replace rear speakers on my 2003 Toyota Corolla? and here's the link of the speakers im buying:…


you should be able to access them through the top of your truck or you might have to pull out some of...

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How much will it cost to replace my car speakers?

I drive a 2000 beetle. My back right speaker is blown and the back left one is starting to also. How much will this cost to repair, also can I get a better system in my car that is louder and will it cost a lot more? Also my passenger seat bottom bolt...


to repalce the speakers in your car would cost about 100$ (depends on brand and quality) you should...

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How do replace car speakers?

I just bought a new mercedes-benz and I can't seem to find any speakers that will fit. any sugestions?


what kind of Benz is it i am sure there is an aftermart speaker out there for it!

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How do i replace my car speakers?

I have an 07 Pontiac G5. I think the left front speaker is busted. How do i go about replacing it? Or even both in front. How do i know what kind to get?


Take off door panels and unscrew the speaker. Find out how big it is. Common size car speakers are ...

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Do I have to replace speakers and radio to get bettersound in my car or can i just replace the speakers?

My car is a 1999 Toyota Corolla and I have the factory speaker and radio.


I would replace the speakers first. There are tons of good companies out there that make great speaker...

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Should i replace my front or rear back speakers in my car?

I own a 1998 Chevy Lumina LS and i want to get new speakers before i get subs. If i replace the back speakers with Sony Xplod's (6x9's) would that be better than replacing the front speakers? I'm looking to improve how hard the bass can hit. Thanks for...


save your money and buy better speakers. sony xplods are not that good. i would change back before your...

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