How should I setup Outlook to access my Yahoo mail?

Let’s learn how should I setup Outlook to access my Yahoo mail. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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You probably won't be able to use a FREE Yahoo account in that way. Here's the settings for the PAID...

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yes. but you have to pay for yahoos premium service that gives you access to their pop server. Yahoo...

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How can I keep all emails in my yahoo mail box after downloading in my outlook 2003 inbox?

I setup my outlook 2003 to receive all emails from my yahoo mail box, but I noticed whenever I open outlook it downloan all my yahoo emails without keeping a copy in yahoo mail box. I like to keep a copy of my mails in yahoo so that I can access form...


Go into the account settings within Outlook and click the option to keep a copy of messages on the server...

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UK Yahoo! Mail with Outlook 2003 - Definitive POP/SMTP Settings?

Hi all, Please note that this relates to UK and not US mail access . I'm trying to setup Outlook 2003 with UK Yahoo Mail as per: In all cases, "My Outgoing Server requires authentication...


You do have a POP mail service with Yahoo and not just the free web mail? When you click test my settings...

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Cannot access my mail account?

Hi I have 2 yahoo free mail accounts. 1 For the past twelve hours I have not been able to access the account (but have been able to access the account). My YahooID and password are fine and I can...


same as me but try refreshing

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Configuring YPOPS with UK Yahoo Mail?

Hello, I have Windows 7 & have recently downloaded ypops-win- to access my UK Yahoo emails but for whatever reason it isn't working??? I have configured YPOPS main features to read:- NETWORK Bind on I.P. address: SMTP enabled...


You don't need Ypops for UK Yahoo Mail because it isn't like the US version where POP3 access is denied...

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How to set up Outlook web access?

I want to use an app "iMExchange2" for an Iphone that will allow me to sync my Outlook tasks. It requires info on server and domain name. It requires use of "Outlook web access". How do I setup my Yahoo mail plus email with "...


Outlook Web Access is a component of Microsoft Exchange server. If you don't have Exchange you will...

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POP Mail and Yahoo Web Mail Retention?

If I setup yahoo pop mail in outlook. Will it delete the emails on the yahoo server. i.e. can I access the same messages from another computer (via yahoo web mail). Just trying to see if it worth getting yahoo premium


For yahoo mail you have 2 options If you are using yahoo email you can upgrade to yahoo mail plus to...

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How do I configure outlook to use my yahoo email account?

trying to set up outlook but do not know the first thing of how to setup access yahoo mail through outlook


In order to use a separate email program, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or Thunderbird...

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Having problems with Microsoft Outlook 2002 send and receive from yahoo email account.?

I keep receiving this error when trying to send and receive my emails from my Yahoo email account: task ' - Sending and Receiving' report error (0x8004060C) : 'Unknown Error 0x8004060c' I have researched every avenue I know to solve...


I had the same problem, so I went back through the set-up steps to make sure all the settings were correct...

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